Cambodia bound

Well today is the day and a team of 7 is headed from South Korea to Cambodia to share the light of the gospel of Jesus. This is my first “mission trip” and I’m pretty excited to be able to go with this team.

We just moved to Daegu, South Korea only in mid- September, but when I was church hunting for the place God prepared for us to plant roots, serve and grow, one of the churches I attended was Daegu Faith International Church (DFIC) which you could walk to from the back gate (Commissary) of Camp Walker. Before I made my way out there from our time of living in the Camp Walker Lodging, while we were looking for our new home, I checked out their Facebook page for DFIC and they shared that they were looking for team members to go with them to Cambodia. That was 9 weeks ago and here we are!

I’m writing this as I am waiting in the Shanghai Airport….unfortunately my phone won’t connect to their free Wi-fi but maybe I can tether to someone’s internet to upload this blogpost….

Basically, I’m just letting you know so you can pray for us. We are going into a land full of darkness and confusion but where there is darkness the light can shine ever so brightly. Please pray that we shine and share the light with those who are spiritually lost. May they have hope. Please pray that any believers who feel discouraged would be encouraged (Ephesians 4:17-32) and shine brighter with the fuel of Truth. Jesus is truth. He said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life- no one comes to the father except through me.” (John 14:6)

My main role for this time as we lead a “VBS” (Vacation Bible School) for the over 300+ children and High School aged youth in the two river towns that we are prepared to serve in is in music. Myself and a Korean college student who is studying to lead worship through music, will lead at least 3 songs with hand and body motions for those present in the two river towns that we plan to visit. I know I have been prepared for such a time as this because in our last Army assignment, God planted me in a missions-minded church. I learned and grew in the mindset of engaging others in our community with the gospel using any skill, talent or interest that God put in me to use to draw others to Christ. For example, my former pastor regularly helps coach and provide support for the high school football and baseball teams and also the police officers (he serves as their chaplain) for the county. He is just one of many in that church who goes out into the world to make disciples. I am also thinking of one who intentionally develops relationships with those from foreign lands- God has given both the husband and the wife a unique heart for those people. And there is another family who serves the many homeschoolers and their families in that area, speaks regularly in the local prison and uses their gifts for worship to engage churches to provide events beyond the typical Sunday church, worship. Whew…. it’s no wonder I continue to develop and grow in my pouring out of Christ to those around me. In each assignment God sends us as a military family, I can see how He shapes us as clay. He is the Potter and He has a specific design and use in mind. (Romans 9:20-21; Isaiah 64:8) I thank you Lord for molding me.

I hope to be back in Korea before our celebration of Christmas with my family. Please pray that our families back at home would be protected in our absences and may God’s Will be done as we move out in an hour and a half to this place.


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