Sejana Yoo is not your traditional student pursuing a Master of Divinity degree from Baylor’s George W. Truett Theological Seminary. She has a Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree from Walden University and honorably served 12 years on active-duty service in the US Army before becoming a full time mother to two children: Caleb, headed to high school and Madelyn starting 8th grade in the fall. Sejana just celebrated 14 years of marriage to Daniel, who will be retiring from his active-duty Army service next year. 

Passionate about discipleship and the church, she is currently working towards finding formal ministry experiences and developing relationships with seasoned leaders willing to share their life and ministry lessons with her. Sejana desires to develop and use ALL her gifts to inspire and grow other leaders to press in, continuing to do the work God has called each of us to join in with Him to do.  She leads a discipleship group online, book club online, and mentors others weekly online. She is a Baptist Women in Ministry Mentoring Cohort participant and Truett Women in Ministry Team Leader. 

Sejana is working towards possibly going back into active-duty service as a Chaplain but her long-term goal is to help the (universal) church get to know God and live out their faith in every aspect of life – from the mundane to the messy. She enjoys leading contemporary worship with her acoustic guitar, figuring out how to keep her backyard amateur vegetable garden alive and fruitful, and getting used to her first summer here in Central Texas.  She appreciates all things art (note: watercolor and comedy) and is known to travel all over to attend leadership and discipleship conferences to both improve her skills and connect with others in ministry.  

She leaves digital footprints on social media as “@SejanaShines and via her blog .


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