About Me

Somewhere in downtown Daegu…

I tend to be long winded when it comes to writing so I’ll just give you 3 things that you should know about me-

  1. I’m not perfect but I know One who is. My aim with this page and my blog is so that you can get to know Him more. (Him being Jesus Christ- the One who protected me even when I was in the midst of stuff; some caused by me and some put on me. The One who waited on me to recognize Him as I went about life doing my own thing. The One whom I give everything to by serving others because that is what He did for me- and for you.)
  2. I enjoy all forms of creative expression. Music. Art. Photography. Cooking. Theatre. Writing. Movies. Street performances. People watching. Enjoying nature.
  3. I know everyone’s not on the same journey. Everyone’s life experiences aren’t the same. We have different perspectives and thoughts. I’ve always been interested in those who want to dig deeper in their faith or recognize their influence and impact in the world.

If any of this is you or if you’d just like to talk- let’s talk! You can find me all over the place… just reach out.



(Click here to read a more detailed biography of Sejana here at Sejana.)

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