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This world can be a dark place. Shine the light of Christ in you!

Well, we just relocated to South Korea for the first time as a family of four. I plan to share some of our journey with you and so I hope you will join us even if you don’t plan to move or visit. I’m not really sure where this blog is going to go but I do like documenting my thoughts. I thought, why not put them in a central location? Later, I thought, well why not share some of them with the world? Who knows whom it may reach and how it may help. I want you to know something very important about me. I know that you can spend a lot of time with a person before you know what they are really about and I hope that that is not the case between you and I. I want you to know the bottom line up front, if you will. That is this: Jesus is my Savior and I am so very grateful for what He did for me (and for you). I am happily married. Mother of 2 great children. I volunteer (a lot). I love music, comedy, food, encouraging people … defeating folks in board games but not so much that they cry and never return. (Who wants that?) I understand we all have a past and that we all have struggles in our lives but I know that we are never alone in them. Read a post or two and let me know your thoughts and reactions.

Sincerely, your new friend, ME.

There is more to know about me, of course. I hope we can take some time to get to know one another. Feel free to comment on my blogs or send me a message through social media.

By the way…… in case you were wondering how to pronounce my name… “Sejana” is pronounced “suh” like ‘ugh- not broccoli AGAIN!’ or ‘ugh’- as in the sound you involuntarily make when you just got sucker punched in the stomach by a friend who thought they were being funny and then just add the “s” in front of the “ugh” and you get “suh”. The rest of my name is “jana” but pronounced like “John” and again, “ugh.” That’s right, but quicker on the end. So, “Suh-John-uh” or Sejana. Nice to meet you! So, that’s me… what about you? (Forgive me with the explanation… I know sometimes I can be pretty silly. Although most people who interact with me in person would probably not describe me that way… intense, passionate, and “oh so good-looking” would probably be more accurate! πŸ˜‰

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