October 2020

Well a lot has happened for me and I assume a lot has happened for you as well thus far in 2020. This year sure has been interesting, right?? One thing I have held onto in my times of transition and change in this season is that verse from Isaiah 43:19 ESVBehold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Wait a minute… how can there be a RIVER in the DESERT? Did you notice that? I remember when I first realized this verse said that. I was reminded that God is able to make a way even when it defies logic. God will do whatever He set out to do and I also realized last month through several circumstances that I want to join God in it. Whatever He is doing- I want to join God in it. That means I need to be open to seeing where He is at work. It might be in an unlikely place, through an unlikely conversation, and in a way that challenges what I always thought before. I hope to share more specifics in the future so stay tuned and we shall see.

I didn’t publish a monthly “September” update, but I have posted throughout on FB and IG. These past several weeks have been mostly behind the scenes off-the-record conversations with many people about sensitive topics like: racial tensions, women in ministry, denominational differences, politics and difficulties in leadership. These conversations have been so enriching to me in my growth and understanding as a leader and a Christian. One major realization for me recently has been the importance of being able to LISTEN and HEAR the people or person that is before me- even if I disagree – I want to be known as a person that listens while continuously being led by the Holy Spirit and staying connected to Jesus. It seems obvious that I’d operate like this, right? Well, sometimes we can get priorities mixed up and begin to focus on the wrong things even if they are very good things. I’m still sorting this all out so pray for me if you would as I continue on this #journeywithGod.

We did move safely from Daegu, South Korea to Central Texas but we are still in temporary housing, the children are still not enrolled in a school and our things from Korea are in transit. Despite these things that come with a #militarymove, I am thankful for my one-of-a-kind family that I love, resources to have a decent place to stay, a car to drive, food to eat and because of years of networking and God’s providence – connection with like-minded friends for questions and local help. We didn’t know what to expect before moving here but I must say, my husband and I are pleasantly surprised with the hospitality of strangers and all the #covid19 precautions they are taking here as a whole in Texas. Actually being here in person does provide a different reality than watching and reading about things on the news online from afar.

Feel free to reach out if you need help navigating my site. I hope to whittle it down to the essentials one day in the future but it pretty much looks like my life – cluttered and unfinished! God and I continue to work on these things though. It’s a constant struggle.

Enjoy! ☀🌱



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