June 2020

There has been so much going on in the world and especially in my home country, America, so I’ve been doing a lot of watercolor and praying and having conversations with family and friends about difficult things. Some of this journey is posted on my social media where I post more often than my blog that’s for sure!  (I’m just now updating this blog on 12 June!) Connect via my FB Page https://www.facebook.com/sejanashines/or IG page  https://www.instagram.com/sejanashines/.  Bear with me as I figure out the focus of this blog. I know I am moving in a certain direction and I’ve been working on it by sharing stories about my past- good and bad- with a few people privately. I’m excited for what clarity that is bringing to what I can offer to you.  Last month, we were able to start going back to church IN-PERSON and that really has blessed me so much. I kinda talk about that in this post as I also shared about my personal background with photos here at God is responding to racism in my life.   Other big things that happened in May were: Interview by US Army Chaplain Morris for “Faith Strong” series. Mentoring focus. Lost my kids on a mountain. Racial tensions conversations one made public and others not.  Making a decision to say ‘no’ to a ministry opportunity turned out to be very hard for me to do but that just happened. The children are officially on summer break so we talked about goals for the summer. Finally, my husband pointed out that we are at 3 months left here in Korea (WOW) unless something gets changed due to #covid19. That is A WHOLE LOT. And that’s only the bigger things. But I’ve found that whatever we do and say and think about each and every day is what keeps us going in a certain direction. It is my prayer that this content is helpful to highlight to you (and to help me to remember) the realness of God and that He cares a whole lot about your (our) everyday thoughts and actions as well as your (my) eternal destination. 

Thank you for joining me in this journey!

What would be helpful for you? What content are you looking forward to? Your responses will be emailed to me or feel free to comment after the blog article or on social media @SejanaShines.

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