May 2020

Last month we ended our “Bible Time & Worship” videos at 30 episodes! That is amazing and when we started I had no idea it would go on that long. It was a great online ministry that I will leave online (and on YouTube) in hopes that God will continue to use it to draw others to him. I also had an opportunity to go online with a friend as we talked about “being ready.” Some of the things we talked about caused me to finally clean up my area instead of complaining about it. That’s the kind of change that happens when we involve God and sometimes even others into our lives. I want to continue to share my life with you if it helps you to move forward. Pray with me as I spend dedicated time to figure out what this may look like but until then I’m continuing to do the best that I can, with what I know, in the place(s) where God has put me. I’d love to have more communication with you and to know what is helpful for you so let me know by leaving your comments or questions along the way. I plan to share about the various things going on with me because I know that God is in the midst of all of these things. I just finished my TEFL training, restarting my small group Bible Study (now online) today, and continuing the journey with clutter, family fitness, watercolor, and ‘refining my story.’ May is also our anniversary month and I thank God for the (almost) 13 years of marriage together! There is so much going on that I want to share with you but at the root of it all is a strong foundation of trust and intimacy with my Lord and Savior. I continue to make modeling and prioritizing this relationship with God to my children as I believe this is most important for them (and anyone) to learn.

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Continuing this work of discipleship and mentoring throughout the rest of my time in South Korea and beyond is important. Christ followers that work with me are growing deeper in their knowledge and encouraged to act in obedience with the same character as demonstrated by Christ.

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