0 comments on “Join us at IF:Gathering2019 ! IF:Local host Daegu_anjirang South Korea”

Join us at IF:Gathering2019 ! IF:Local host Daegu_anjirang South Korea

You are invited to make plans to join in and connect with local women at an IF:Gathering nearest you. IF is about discipleship. IF is about equipping you to go out into your places to do and live like our…

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Cambodia bound

Well today is the day and a team of 7 is headed from South Korea to Cambodia to share the light of the gospel of Jesus. This is my first "mission trip" and I'm pretty excited to be able to…

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Happy Veterans Day!

I am no longer serving as a Soldier for the US Government but I've received and accepted my original orders from the Top. It's always been there, in black and white, but I never took the time to read it.…

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How I survived my first day!

I’d like to share what helped me survive the bouts of complaints that periodically spewed from my 4th grader or the demanding questions that came from my 5th grader or the spats over chores….

4 comments on ““How do I study God’s Word?””

“How do I study God’s Word?”

original question... name has been removed to protect the innocent 😉 FIRST THINGS FIRST God communicates with His people in so many different ways- He is not limited. We know that there are many ways that we can communicate to…

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Women’s Growth Fellowship – 7/27

I asked you to pray specifically about this week as I planned to share some of my "testimony" aka how I came to know Christ as my personal Savior. I thank you for your prayers and faith in me. I…

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Women’s Growth Fellowship – 7/20

I'ma try and keep this summary short today folks (you know that will be hard!). Two things I want to share with you: The discussion Thursday after a segment by Dr. Charles Stanley called "Can I hang out with unbelievers…