Writing / Speaking

How can I help your group?

As you see a glimpse into how God has shaped me, know that I am currently looking for more opportunities to share what I have learned with you.

Click the topics below to read about different experiences that God used has used to shape and mold me. Through practical examples and Biblical text, I want to encourage you and your people to follow Christ and grow deeper in relationship and obedience in Jesus. I am currently located in Daegu, South Korea (US Military spouse) but I am willing to travel (or arrange creative ways to speak). Let’s talk!

Why would you want to work with Sejana?


  • Want a fresh face
  • Care about Biblical Truth
  • Desire specific topics to be addressed
  • Tight budget

I provide:

  • I’m “undiscovered” !
  • References and openness
  • Tailored talks based on the needs of your group
  • Desire to serve – let’s talk!

Why am I promoting myself?

Well, I think it is time to be vulnerable and share this desire to encourage others and teach God’s Word accurately and publicly, in case you didn’t already know.

I am very passionate about sharing the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus as He works out in our day to day lives. That means, on the days other than Sunday (and maybe Wednesday) how does your faith and trust in God reveal itself ? If others observed your life, which they are, what does your actions tell about you? Are you satisfied with this? If not, are you ready to examine and possibly adjust a few things in your life? At the same time, I have a long history of gathering people together and hosting events that teach Scripture, encourage connection, and facilitate honest discussion. Finally, I LOVE experiencing God at work and watching His people GROW!!!

Because of these main reasons above, I am asking you to check me out and recommend me to others or contact me for inquiries about joining in with your event.

Thank you!

Finally, would you also pray that this request finds the hands of those whom the Lord is drawing to Himself. May they be forever changed by the blood of the Lamb and the power of our testimonies. (paraphrase of Revelation 12:11a ESV)

Sharing a devotional with the ladies at PWOC; I’m definitely NOT Wonder Woman! It took some time to figure that out though (as mentioned for this talk).

Thank you! I’ll be in touch soon. Meanwhile, have a look around; you can find me on Facebook as well here.