Writing / Speaking

I’d love the opportunity to write or to speak for a group. My passion is to help women of all ages come together and grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord. I want women to recognize the influence that they have towards those all around them and I want to encourage them to use their gifts and talents to point others to Christ.  No longer will women hide in shame, fear, anxiety or perfectionism but rather cling to the truth of the gospel. They allow themselves to stay accountable to those who closely follow Jesus, obeying His words as best as we can thankful for His grace and mercy.  I highly value the Word of God and do not try to twist His words so that I can have my way- that is manipulation. I use everyday examples to help show life application of the Biblical text as I have come to understand it thus far through regular study and reading. Topics that interest me are : Leadership, Discipleship, New Believers, Women’s issues, Marriage, Loving Unbelievers, Sanctification / Spiritual Growth, Foster Care, Obeying the Lord, Serving the Church, Volunteering, Sexual Abuse, PurposeOpening up your Home, Military life, Discerning Truth, Unequally Yoked and more.

Have a look around to see if I might be what you are looking for. Please contact me so we can plan a time to meet either in person or via videoconferencing. References are available upon request.

If you have a topic in mind that you’d like to see covered here, please let me know! I’m open to new ideas! I do have a growing list of ideas already and maybe your interest will help move it up the list. Who knows? Try me!

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I personally enjoy and have participated (or led) in the following ministries (Perhaps check them out if they are hosting an event near you!) :


Lifeway Women

Propel Women