Pray for Cambodian Youth Conference in November

I want to invite you to pray for me as I prepare to go back to Cambodia for the “2019 Cambodian Youth Bible Training and Spiritual Enrichment Conference” with Daegu Faith International Church and Golden Ministry INC. in November.

My first missions trip ever in Dec 2018 geared towards the elementary school aged in their water villages. Planning to return in Nov 2019 to focus on the high school youth from the same water villages but in a different location, the city of Battambang. Pray for us!

My first time going to Cambodia, for my first missions trip ever, was December 2018. As we were leaving and I returned back home to my family in South Korea, I said to my husband that I wanted to go back again. Seeing with my own eyes how God was there and how He provided was something I will not forget. I enjoyed seeing how some of the youth there along with the missionaries who moved there loved and served others in the villages by sharing and teaching Jesus Christ with their neighbors and friends.

This trip in November will be different as we will not be in the villages but in Battambang, a large city. This is where those who get to continue school (high school) go and study. This is where we will be during this trip and our audience will be the High School youth from the water villages that we served in in December 2018.

My main role will be to lead worship. I am hoping to have a small team of youth come with us to join in but if not, I hope to bring my guitar and lead us in song (contemporary Christian worship songs & hymns in English) that emphasize the gospel and hope of Jesus.

How can you help?

If local and interested in joining the team, let us know ASAP as preparations for this conference are being made now due to other events. If you would like to contribute to the costs to go and serve there, you can donate through Golden Ministry, Inc. here.

If not local or not interested in going at this time– the purpose of this post is to REQUEST PRAYER for myself, our team, the missionaries and those who serve Christ there. Most importantly, please pray with us that these Cambodian Youth will be strengthened in their faith and encouraged to stand strong and live boldly in Christ as their Lord and Savior in a land of many false gods and idols as we teach them empowered by the Holy Spirit on various foundational topics of the life of a Christ – follower. If I am able, I plan to post updates on Instagram and on FB here daily during our time there.

Projects still left to do…

Time passes so fast. I have not published the interview of Joyner, the missionary I met who served in Cambodia with her mom when I was there yet. Also, I uploaded many videos from my time there in December but need to compile them in a blog post as I was not able to show them in my webcast when I returned. I have not forgotten and I hope to complete these projects soon. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your support,


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2 thoughts on “Pray for Cambodian Youth Conference in November

  1. Hey. I definitely be praying for you, your team and everything involved with your next chapter in your story. What a blessing you are to all of us. I pray that God would continue to give you favor in your service to His people. I will truly miss you and I look forward to your future post..💕

    1. Hi Sherry!! Thank you for your encouraging words and prayer and support here in various ministries in Daegu. I know you are preparing for YOUR next chapter as well – how exciting! And …. a lot of emotions too as you start back over. I hope we can stay in touch if only here through my blog posts. 😉 Thank you for checking it out! Please don’t move without a ‘goodbye’ outing…. you have given so much here and your service has benefited many of us in our military community. Thank you.

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