#ifgathering2019 Session 1 of 3

Tune in now to watch a replay of Session 1 while it is still available for free! (see below) As usual, I took LOTS of notes today from Session 1 of 3 of #ifgathering2019. But since I know it will likely take me a bit to digest everything to share (which may happen, let’s face it, months or years later….) I am just going to forward you what I just emailed to my attendees here in IF:Daegu_Anjirang. After that, you can read two things that I’d like to share with you that God showed me this morning as I got ready.

Copy of email sent after Session 1

Hello ladies!

Thank you to those of you who were able to come out today!! If you missed Session 1, guess what?? You can tune in online and watch it tonight (or sometime this weekend) before the link is taken down (Monday 11:59pmCT). Go to www.ifgathering.com to Tune in! What a great opening to the weekend! There is 4.5hours of content so you can use these timestamps (see below) to see the ones you’d like to see if you don’t have much time. I’ve highlighted the ones that really really resonated with me… but there were many speakers and they each had something unique to share that hit home. If you can watch it all that is preferred.

Please share now with friends that may need to be encouraged and hear Biblical truth this weekend.

I’m looking forward to seeing those who planned to come tomorrow am (Sunday 9am!) to join me to watch Session TWO in person.  Why watch it in person when we can tune in alone online? There is something about gathering together and creating an environment where heart to heart conversations can take place when two or more are gathered together in God’s Name. I have seen this and experienced this and so I hope that you will join us! If you will tune in with your children online (or even decide to invite a neighbor to join you) and have discussions at home… well that is excellent discipleship (or evangelism) and I’d love to hear how that goes!! But I do look forward to seeing you tomorrow and/or for Session 3 (on Monday at 9am).
Remember you can download the attendee guide here at  www.ifattendeeguide.com so you can have the different speaker’s names and bios if you’re interested in that. The 14 year old girl that shared her story (very powerful for me especially as a parent) – her name was Alena Pitts. (Starting at 2:58:21)
Good night!


Pre-Session from the IF Local Studios – 0:12:51 – 0:19:32

Spoken Word – 0:28:42 – 0:33:17
Prayer – 0:33:17 – 0:37:26

Worship – 0:37:27 – 1:01:24

Holy Spirit – 0:37:27 – 0:43:37
Made A Way/Tis So Sweet Medley – 0:43:38 – 0:51:29
In Every Way – 0:51:30 – 0:57:47
Build My Life – 0:57:48 – 1:00:38
Prayer – 1:00:39 – 1:01:24

Scripture Reading – 1:01:43 – 1:03:22
Jennie Allen – 1:03:23 – 1:31:04

Worship – 1:31:05 – 1:37:45

So Will I – 1:30:05 – 1:37:45

Testimonials – 1:37:46 – 2:01:51
Video – 2:01:52 – 2:08:55
Jada Edwards – 2:08:56 – 2:32:57
Announcements – 2:32:58 – 2:35:30
Video – 2:35:31 – 2:37:14
Conversation Cards and Break – 2:37:15 – 2:58:20

Video – 2:58:21 – 3:00:20
Conversation – 3:00:21 – 3:17:45
Song: Rescue/Mighty to Save – 3:17:46 –  3:23:05
Ann Voskamp – 3:23:06 – 3:38:10
Christine Caine – 3:38:11 – 4:18:23

Worship – 4:18:24 – 4:25:25

Surrounded – 4:18:24 – 4:21:18
You Keep Hope Alive – 4:21:19 – 4:25:25

Post-Session from the IF Local Studios – 4:25:26 – 4:33:34

See you soon!


Preparations for today

As I prepared for today, well as WE prepared for today (my husband washed a pile of dishes right before ladies arrived because I was doing other things. Thank you so much!!
Two things happened that I’d like to share with you. Devotional content and My kids.

Devotional content.

Thanks to #YouVersion and their 21 day badge challenge, I asked onlne if anyone wanted to join me in doing a plan together. I chose “It Starts With Me” geared towards students so I thought it wouldn’t be too difficult for those new to getting back into daily Bible reading. This morning fell on Day 9 and today’s title was, “It starts with me having 20 seconds of courage.” It talked about telling others about Jesus. One thing it said that I shared with my son later that morning as we talked about it (they are also doing this devotional on YouTube with us!) I reminded him (and myself) of what it said, “It’s not up to us to save people; Jesus saves, we get to tell people about it. The message of Jesus living a perfect life, dying on a cross, and rising again has been entrusted to us by God (2 Cor 5:19-20).”  And to that I wrote this in our group’s discussion area and took a screen shot.
Comment in the free Bible app YouVersion.

My kids.

Look what my kids did. I just got out of bed from my son banging on my door at 9am saying, “Get Up! It’s 9 o’clock! Your guests are going to be here any minute!” And me shooing him away saying we meet at 1pm today! And when I finally come out of the room to get breakfast ready I see this set up and picture. 😭 I don’t know which one did this (or both) but I’m so thankful for my family. #sejanashines#ifgathering2019 Sejana — at Daegu, South Korea.
Read more about IF:Gathering here https://sejanashines.com/category/ifgathering/

3 thoughts on “#ifgathering2019 Session 1 of 3

  1. Hi there! I was wondering if you New what song Alena Pitts sang after she gave her interview at the Ifgathering? I loved it so much & I wasn’t able to go back to it to see. No worries if not. Thanks so much for your help! God bless!


    1. Hi! The friend sitting next to me said it was Lauren Daigle’s song called “Rescue.” Let me know if that is it! It was a great song for her to sing after her interview about her mom. What a testimony!

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