VBS- Thoughts From A First Time Director Part 1/5

Part 1. Vacation Bible School. That’s what has been on my mind since I said “yes” on February 26th, taking on this role for the first time as Director for VBS Area IV here in South Korea. There’s a lot of things I can say about this role… but I’m going to restrain myself from writing 10 pages of material because you are probably extremely busy. (Actually, I will also break it up into 5 days worth of material so stay tuned and let me know your thoughts as we go.)

I have 4 hours on this slow train from Seoul back to Daegu to write using my cell phone so we’ll see how this goes! Feel free to reach out to me if you have specific questions. I will try my best to whittle it down, add photos maybe video AND publish this before I arrive to my home destination so here we go!! Okay so only 3 hours left now! Bahahahahahaa!

1. This is the Lord’s work.

Expect complications. Expect miscommunication. Expect things to not go as planned as you do this. Of course there will be setbacks but see them as I did, distractions, that try to take your focus off of Christ. I was reminded many times of Peter who did a miraculous thing- he walked on water folks- that was until he took his focus off of Jesus and onto the wind and waves (the circumstances) all around him. (Matthew 14:22-33)

That lesson was deep in me because I was deeply rooted in the things of God before taking on this task. I was spiritually prepared in that manner and if I wasn’t well rooted in Christ, honestly, I’m not sure where I’d be right now.

This was and is the Lord’s work. I gave ownership of it over to the Lord. My job was to stay connected to Him and focused on Him all along the way. (John 15 The vine and the branches.)

Getting ready to do my first VBS video requesting prayer for the task at hand! I ended up not publishing it.
A few weeks later I received the starter kit and then I began to recruit specific people! See video here.
First published video about VBS.
Other than the public FB event and website, this was the beginning of our first physical advertising space in the chapel foyer area.
Volunteers saved costs by contributing hundreds of hours in labors of love.
Our optional “key leaders” meeting that went more in-depth about our roles. Many leaders had not served in a VBS before much less here in Korea.

Stay connected so you can receive all 5 “whittled-down” thoughts from the perspective of a first time Vacation Bible School (VBS) Director.

Our VBS served at most 89 participants with 75 active volunteers each day and several chapel staff during the week of June 17- June 21 2019 at the Camp Walker Chapel in Daegu, South Korea. Our VBS was highlighted by the Armed Forces Network Daegu here. Volunteers planned for, decorated and presented the Roar VBS by Group Publishing through an opening and closing Safari Celebration “rally” (parents invited to attend the closing rallies each day), 4 stations: Wild Bible Adventures, Stampede Sports, Kid Vid Cinema plus Herd Cafe, Imagination Station, Preschool VBS for volunteers, and a Registration table which accepted designated offerings for Kid 2 Kid through World Vision to help moms and their growing babies in Zambia, Africa presented here. We also invited participants to church to help give a 20 minute presentation at each Camp Walker chapel service what we were able to do or learn that week through VBS in hopes that seeds will be planted or watered for the glory of the Lord!!

Life is WILD – God is GOOD!

Read all 5 posts about VBS here https://sejanashines.com/category/spiritual-growth/vbs/

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