#ifgathering2022 Live or Livestreamed March 4-5

Wondering why I’m not posting so much this year about the non-profit organization called IF:Gathering? Well it’s because I’m taking a little break from that since this year, I’m not hosting this gathering, I’m attending- in person- in Dallas! This is exciting for me to be able to see a bit of the other side, but, there are some features that I’ll be missing out on that I have experienced every year since 2017, when I first attended IF. Continue reading for details on HOW to participate from where you are this weekend! See if the discount links shared below applies to you. Finally, check out a few video memories from some previous gatherings where the IF Team gave me a shout out all the way to South Korea for hosting! Use those hashtags ya’ll! You never know who sees it. #ifgathering2022 I love how connected we are and how we can use it to encourage others, even those we have never personally met, in the work that they do for the glory of God. Thank you IF:Gathering! (I’ve written a few blogs about my experiences over the years… and some of them explain more about what this organization is about. Click here for those previous blogs.)

Remember, YOU CAN “ATTEND” TOO!! This weekend!

This blog post is simply to let you know, in case you didn’t already know, that #ifgathering2022 is happening the first Friday and Saturday of the March of 2022, March 4th and 5th, in a few days! You don’t have to go to Dallas, Texas, to attend. In fact, I’ve been “attending” and participating in person every year since 2017 when I was first invited to attend. At that time, I lived in Virginia! How did I participate when the organization is based out of Texas? Read on below so I can explain.

You don’t have to go to Dallas, Texas, to participate in this gathering. No, in fact the first time I ever heard of IF and attended in 2017, it was hosted at a church I’d never been to before an hour’s drive away in Virginia. I went because the woman that led the nighttime women’s Bible study was going and invited us to ride along with her. So I did.

You can participate in multiple ways. Go here to check out how!

Invite a friend over to join you!

I would invite a friend over to join me as we made time to tune in together this Friday evening and all day Saturday. I’d open up my fridge and share the couch and we’d bring our notebooks and watch the speakers together. Then during the breaks and over meals, I’d talk with my friend about what I heard and what stood out to me at this time. That’s what I’d do if I wasn’t going in person or wasn’t hosting a lot of folks in my home or at a place like a church, or a school, or in an organization or my dorm room. I’d invite a friend- old and new – to come over. I’d feed them food or I’d ask them to bring their favorite snack and we’d just have some time together.

Invite friends to watch but plan to connect with each other during breaks or call afterwards to check in!

If I wasn’t able to invite folks over, I’d invite friends privately via social media or text them about this opportunity. I’d text back and forth with them during the breaks or I’d video call with them when we are done with each session to talk about what we heard. There are usually questions given as well and if there is no one physically there with me I can either journal my responses or I can call a friend. This is what I’d do if I had to be physically alone this weekend.

There are many ways to participate this weekend!

Why not make time to join in this weekend? Find another local group that is hosting, invite a friend over to watch with you, or tune in alone with your journal or check in with friends during the breaks. You can even check in with me!!! I’d love to know what stood out for you this year! In the new digital platform, you can even chat real-time with others around the world who are also watching at the time that you are as well. In whatever way you can that is safe for you, we invite you to join in with us this weekend, live March 4-5th, but replay available through the weekend (typically, thanks to generous donors)!

For those that would like to watch the replays throughout the year, that is possible!!

Details here:



If you are in college- you can participate for FREE! Click here: https://www.ifgathering.com/ifcollege

If you are in the military, or military related, click here! https://www.ifgathering.com/military/ You may be able to get a discount using the code here.

If your budget is super tight, which I do understand, I’d check back on IFGathering’s social media page as it begins because they typically announce a link where everyone can watch for free, but only for a very limited time. I’m happy to contribute and pay for what they are offering because I appreciate the tools they put out and the people they are able to gather together to be united in God for the glory of God and the making of disciples around the world. Generous donors usually are able to give enough to make this possible to share for free for a limited time; I hope that is the case again this year so that many can glean truth and hope in the Lord for this particular season.

I’m highlighting #ifgathering2020 and #ifgathering2019 below because those were the years that I hosted this conference in South Korea – AND – I also happened to be highlighted by the IF Team both times! I’m thankful that friends from the United States who were watching reached out to let me know! I’ve shared some recorded video of myself sharing these moments and capturing my thoughts that I wanted to share with others at that time. I’m excited to share this now because THIS WEEKEND when I go in person to #ifgathering2022, I can see a bit of the other side! It will be quite an experience for me, especially since I have helped to bring IF to others wherever the Lord has sent us. (I do have a IFGathering compilation blogpost that I’m working on for each year from 2017 to present, but I’m not ready to share it yet! Stay tuned!)

In 2019…

I hosted for the first time in South Korea. Not many people knew me but I still wanted to open up my home and invite others to come and see what @Ifgathering was. I knew they were a solid organization. I heard from my co-host from the previous year’s conference, #ifgathering2018, that the IF Team gave me a shout out! I couldn’t believe it!! Watch my recorded thoughts about hosting below back in 2019 for #ifgathering2019.

In 2020…

I hosted again in 2020 for the second year in a row. This is me from #ifgathering2020 (Session 1) when we lived in South Korea! 😍 I woke up to messages from a friend who said she saw us highlighted by the IF Team in the United States!! WOW- Again, Lord!! It’s all YOU God!! Once again hosting in South Korea, since that’s where God placed us, and now many other women (and an English-speaking service in a Korean church) were able to participate! Praise God! #ifgathering2020

The video of me talking about it is below…

Be on the lookout for my IFGathering compilation blog from 2017 until the present! Maybe I’ll publish it sometime after this semester of studies are over! I am too easily distracted, as you can tell! I did want to make sure you all knew about this gathering! I hope you will be able to check it out. The link is here: https://www.ifgathering.com/if2022


Sejana Yoo aka @SejanaShines

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