Open For Conversations invitation

We all know there is a lot going on in America these days. We are a hurting nation. I’ve been doing a lot of listening and praying as I’m watching and forming my thoughts. I’ve been feeling like I wanted to say more than I’ve already said here and here. As a Christian, I want to be discerning examining my motives and who I’m trying to elevate- myself or the Lord – in all that I do, say and even think. That is me. I look around and see my neighbor hurting and/or not knowing how to respond well or at all but wanting to and so I thought I’d make myself available to anyone who wanted to ask me questions or have a sounding board for their thoughts. I can’t solve anything but I can listen and I can learn with you and I can keep bringing all of these burdens to the Lord who is able.

This invitation to communicate comes from a desire to be available to help. I went online live on Instagram to talk about this and where I am right now at the link below.

I’d love to hear from you. Contact me if you want to schedule a time to meet and talk via FB/IG/Skype/Zoom/Google video platforms and we will work it out. #Godisbiggerthanxyz

A playlist of videos that I’ve personally found helpful to this conversation is below. I have listened to all the videos in this list and would love to talk about anything that is said in them further as well if interested. I’m adding to this playlist as I go.

This is what I wrote on IG:

I want to make myself available to people who want or need to respond and process the events of today being talked about due to #racism, #racialjustice, #inequality and ongoing systemic issues in our Nation. I know these are matters that are not new. I believe the #church is seeing, hearing and really starting to respond publicly to this. Myself included.
So, help me learn and grow through your #conversations with me.

Who am I?

I am a Christian. I believe God is in the midst with us and is working in and through us that many may come to know and trust in Him. I read my Bible on my own and I desire to represent Christ well in everything I think, say and do. I am a married mom of 2. I honorably served in the US Army for 12 years and now I fully support my husband that still serves the military as a stay at home mom and volunteer. My educational background includes a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling but I do NOT hold a state license (so I am NOT offering “counseling services”).  However, I care GREATLY and if you know me at all you know I am passionate about discipleship and mentoring. I want to be and see others live out the faith they say they have in every aspect of their lives including now in areas that hurt so many of us. I am also a human affected by sin but I don’t want to stay there. People ask what can we really do right now? We can sincerely pray and continue to use self control, discernment and wisdom that not MY will be done but that GOD’S WILL be done if we are Christians. Responding to the needs of our neighbor is legitimate and actually taking time to examine our own selves is necessary throughout our lives here on this Earth. So, as we do these things I think we can help one another through honest conversation.  So please, don’t just read my words that I write here, look at my actions and they should speak as to who I am.  Listen to what I have to say and see what I have done (or look at my life) and decide for yourself if I am a person you can have conversations with. You can find me on FB/SejanaShines or YouTube/IG or my blog . My email is . I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you

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