A short prayer at Village #2

We arrived at this new village after a 1.5hr speed boat ride from the last village. All 12 of us and all of our gear and the materials for VBS (and food) was packed on the boat. I took lots of videos but can’t upload them all here right now. What is most important is prayer for today’s events.

Please pray for the two groups of kids that will come for their Session 1’s today- Luke 2. Also at the end of the day we will have an hour with high schoolers to ask faith questions…it will be a long day. Please pray for healthy concerns of some on the team. Also please pray that our actions and words translate to the children and any parents who come the love of Christ. Thank you for your prayers and stay tuned- I hope to make sense of all of the photos and videos I took and post them all when I can.

Thank you!


Philippians 4:4-9

Lord, we give this day to you. Everything we do and say, we pray that YOU are the one powering us and we trust that your will will be done in all things today. Thank you Lord for this opportunity.

We love you God,


Here we go!!! https://youtu.be/JhJ97Xl8Jl4

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I think we all have influence and I want to use mine to encourage you to develop your relationship with Christ in ALL AREAS of your life, at ALL TIMES in your life. This blog is written from the Biblical perspective but I'm in love with a man that doesn't currently share my same worldview. I understand the importance of living out what you believe as our actions speak a whole lot more than our words ever will. We have 2 middle school aged children and currently live in South Korea due to the military. I'm an open book, just take a look! Reach out if you have any questions or comments. Nice to meet you!

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