Bible time & Worship Episode 8 – The Fall

Today we talked more about Adam and Eve being “kicked out of the garden.” My daughter mentioned it as a response in episode 7 but my correction towards her comment wasn’t the best. So, along with what we talked about in Episode 4 – Grace & Love of God when we talked about Genesis 1, 2, and 3 and how what we see today was NOT God’s originally intended design, today we continue that time by talking more about the Fall and it’s thoughts for us today.My reason for doing this each (school) day at 12 noon here in Daegu during this #covid outbreak, was to be intentional with spending time with God each day with my children but also that someone out there may be encouraged to grow deeper with God or even to get to know Him in the first place! Thank you for your comments and prayers.

The full video from FB Live.
Thank you for joining in with us and for your comments/prayers.


The opening song was Goodness of God – Jenn Johnson / Ed Cash / Jason Ingram / Ben Fielding / Brian Johnson and we closed with Simple Gospel – United Pursuit.

Download a link to lyrics here:

A great resource: is a great resource provided for free by Francis Chan and David Platt. They are both passionate about teaching truth and encouraging believers to make disciples who go out to make disciples. It is designed to equip you to go over the materials with someone else. Everything is online in audio, free download of the whole book (or you can purchase it from Amazon), or you can just use it online from their website. (Someone even made their website into a free app! Google “Multiply Movement” in your app store and you’ll see it.) Today, from Multiply Movement, I referenced Part IV: Understanding the Old Testament 2: The Fall pages 151-156. Click here to go directly to this to read this for yourself online. or listen to this section here.

Eve ate the fruit even though the Lord told them not to eat it. Page 155 says,

“The action itself might appear harmless (how much can a piece of fruit cause?), but the outward act represented something far more sinister. The first sin was rebellion, idolatry, treason, and pride, all rolled into a single bite. Both Adam and Eve made a conscious choice to rebel against their Creator and live on their own terms. And we imitate their decision every time we choose our desires over God’s. “

Our discussion today: “The fall”

What is the Fall? A reference to when Adam and Eve sinned.

What is spiritual death?

Well the opposite of it is Nicodemus. He said you must be born again. (John 3:1-21)

How can you be born again?

You have to believe in Jesus Christ.

True, right, that is spiritual life. But what is spiritual death?

Spiritual death is when we are no longer connected to God anymore in the way we were created because we decide to go our own way. God is so holy he cannot be near sin. So now we are separated from Him once we have sinned. Once we have sinned we immediately separate ourselves from God. Adam and Eve experienced physical death later. The process of decay and other deaths happened though.

What was the first physical death in the garden?

The animals got killed. They died.

Yes but how?

Genesis 3:21. ‘And the Lord God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins and clothed them. ‘

Skin, so the animal had to die. So how did the animal(s) die?

God killed them.

It is implied in the text that God killed the animals to help cover the shame that Adam and Even now experienced because what they were doing was not enough. What were they doing that caused God to clothe them with skins?

They ate the fruit and their eyes were opened. (Read / listen to all of Genesis 3 here

Yes, but let’s look in the text.

Genesis 3:7 fig leaves

They were trying to cover themselves up using fig leaves to try and cover their shame.

It seemed so innocent to just eat the apple and then you’ll know more! But it wasn’t, they chose their own way and the consequences were instant. Before it was beautiful and great and good in the garden. Even in Genesis 2 when Eve came on the scene it was so beautiful and good. Genesis 2:23, Genesis 2:25. It was beautiful and perfect- the relationship we always want with our spouse. We had that, in the garden, but then we decided to go our own way. That is Adam & Eve decided that but what about us? Are we doing what God has told us to do in our lives, in every area? Or are we choosing for ourselves what is best? Because that is what they did. Or at least that is what Eve did, and then Adam willfully chose to side with his wife directly against what God told him specifically NOT to do. Wow.

But again, what about us today? Are we seeking God’s will and plan? Are we choosing God’s way or our own ways?

Yes, we choose to go our own way, but, God does NOT leave us there. He could, but He doesn’t. He provides us a way out. When we choose to put God first and to believe in His Son whom he has sent to bridge the gap between God and Us (because God is holy and we are not and so there is a big separation here now between us). Through Jesus, we can experience a right relationship with God. Almost back like what it was designed to be like when God originally created us in the first place. We need Jesus in order to get back to God – Jesus is the Way.

When we are saved, we experience immediate spiritual life from that moment we believed in God and what He has done until eternity we are now back in spiritual life with God. That is amazing. That IS the good news that we can share with people who may feel overwhelmed from all the suffering in the world and in their life and they wonder what is the point of it all. The good news of Jesus is what we need to share with others that He is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). HE is the one that bridges the gap between death and life.

We who follow Christ can have flat tires too. We can get the coronavirus, get cancer and suffer greatly and many have. We are not immune to life’s happenings simply because we have chosen to trust in and follow God. Our hope is outside of ourselves and we know that this is not our eternal home. Our life here on earth is not our eternal home. As we live here we are being transformed, renewed and sanctified looking more and more like Jesus in our character here now in our life on earth. We spend our time here looking for temporary answers to the circumstances that we don’t like. We need to look beyond the temporary and look to the eternal because eternity is FOREVER. So let’s look at whatever situation we are in –in light of eternity. The eternal answer is Jesus Christ. However, we must first acknowledge that we have fallen away.

God killed the animal to provide the skins for Adam and Eve. Blood was shed from the animal so that they could live. God was teaching them that blood needed to be shed for sins. In the Old Testament, blood was shed over and over. But now, Jesus’s blood has covered our sins once and for all and for that I am so thankful. (We will continue talking about this tomorrow from Hebrews 7-10 in Episode 9. We ran out of time today.)

God allows the suffering that is going on in our lives for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes suffering a direct result of sin. Sometimes God allows suffering so that we and others would come to Him and we would see His glory. Sometimes God uses suffering to shape us and build our character to be more and more like His Son. He is transforming us over time and in the end, every knee will bow and every tongue WILL CONFESS that Jesus Christ is Lord. (Philippians 2:10-11) We can choose to live with the Lord as Lord of our life right now.

With my children, the choices that I make and the boundaries that I set in place for them are for their good because I love them. I am trying to teach them to trust God and to look beyond what their eyes can see. Some things they need to experience because they think they know better than me. I get it because I understand more now, as a parent and because I am older, than I did when I was growing up. May we all come to know God in the way that He was meant to be known, in the way that He really is. May we be obedient and submissive to God that He knows more than we do and that He truly is a good God that in his grace- provided for us the Way. I am thankful and so I share this with my children and with you today.

Other tidbits we talked about:

As we got started in this video the kids and I reviewed the reason for prayer. May we not be constantly talking to God and not give God a chance to respond. God wants to talk to us too. We need to listen to what God has to say too. God communicates to us through the Bible, His word. He also speaks to us through the Holy Spirit. (We will have a future episode about the Holy Spirit- thanks daughter!) Sometimes God talks to us in the quiet. When we are quiet and still, he communicates to us (maybe not audibly, but he is there).

My mentor has been in my life since my daughter was less than one until now (she is currently 11 years old). Initially, we spent intentional time together so that I could learn more about the Bible. Today, we continue to make time in our schedules each week to study God’s Word together and share life with one another via Skype. I wrote a blog about it 4 years ago here and mentioned it in my testimony here

Thank you SO MUCH for joining in praying for us! I pray this is helpful for you and I hope you will join in with me M – F 12noon DAEGU time on FB live. Join me each day (we are on restricted gathering directives per the @usagdaegu_area4 leadership team) from #Daegu as we wait on news regarding the #coronavírus #covid19 for a time of #biblestudy and #worship. I #pray that it #encouragesomeone to #trust in the Lord. 🥰🥰🥰 We will simply have a time each day to meet before the Lord together from wherever you are. I will be on at noon (Daegu, Korea time) each (school) day. If you cannot meet with me then, please pray for me and leave me a message whenever you tune in and share how this is helpful for you. I appreciate it.

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