How I came to know Jesus | Cambodia 2019

Sejana reads through the content of this blog here but be sure to watch my Testimony in the YouTube video below! I hope to also share a translated version in Khmer and Korean of this blog post as well; check back for updates!

This was the testimony I shared today to the youth and leaders at the Cambodia Youth Mission Conference. Of course when you didn’t prepare well and you don’t look at the notes you scribbled down for yourself, when you finish, you realize things you could have said to neatly wrap up the points you were trying to make. Oh well!! One thing I can say is that having a part of my story being translated into Khmer was very cool! And I realized during my talk that that meant it doubled my time 😆 (I was given only 10 minutes…). 

Nevertheless, I’d like to share what was said tonight (November 13, 2019). Topics included identity, how I realized Jesus died for ME, and the benefit of having a mentor in my life. I am so grateful to God for Carole, my long time mentor and friend. You can read more about that through the blog here.

This is what I shared in English and Khmer! Thank you for translating for me!


When I opened up by talking about how I didn’t know who I was and where I fit – I failed to mention during my talk (but maybe you picked up on this) is that when I heard the Pastor sharing the gospel that Jesus died for me (and you), I finally KNEW where I fit because it was only THEN that I realized that GOD KNOWS ME. He knows ALL about me. He didn’t have to ask me questions like others did. I rest in this truth today and I am settled and at peace in my heart that no matter what others may think about me I KNOW what God thinks of me. My identity is rooted in Christ. (Isaiah 44:24) (Psalm 139)

I wondered if I was loveable before I knew God. Now, I know deep in my heart that YES, I AM LOVEABLE. Why? Because I know that Jesus loved me enough to die for ME, on the cross, paying the price for my sins that I can never make right. Because of Jesus, I am able to be in a right relationship with our holy God. I am now in His family. I am a child of God.  This makes a whole lot more sense to me, after our short time of providing foster care to children in Virginia. Read more about that here. But unlike foster care, we are fully adopted as sons and daughters in the family of God when we accept His sacrifice and choose to make God Lord over our life (rather than anybody or anything else as our lord). I trust God with my life. All of it. I trust God with my past, my present, and my eternity. (Trust was built over time for me as I got to know who God really was/is through study of His Word – The Bible. Read more here.)

Finally, I used to do “good” things in the past so that people would like me and not leave me. Today, I do do lots of things now but my motives have changed. I am compelled by God to do the things I do. He gave everything for me and so I see others, many who are down and feel left out and I want to show them that Jesus is for them, too. I give myself up to others because Jesus gave Himself up for me. He gave everything for me. I am so thankful. (1 Timothy 2)

Confession: I do have tendencies of going back to my old ways in certain areas. I’m not perfect and there are things I still struggle with but I don’t stay there in that place that I don’t live anymore. We all sin but I look to my Savior over and over. I choose to remember that Jesus saved me for eternity to be with Him but then He also saved me for TODAY too. He continually calls me back home to Him. I am at home and content when I am with God, trying to live out the character of His people with the help of the Holy Spirit living in me. I do the things that are pleasing to God because I love Him so much.  I do the will of God because I am loved by God. His love causes me to want to show love and obedience to Him. In a way it is the same with my husband. I show love for my husband by doing the things that I know he likes- not because I have to, but because I love him. I give myself up for him. It is the same with God in every area of my life and in every way. (Broken Vessels song)

I am saved by God.

I hope this is helpful to you. I know this may sound odd to those who haven’t fully realized just who God is. I know I didn’t really understand (even though I thought I did) until that one day it was time that I heard God talking to me through that Pastor. I am so thankful God continues to pursue me even when I wasn’t even interested. If you are reading this now, I know God is pursuing you too. I pray you have eyes to see Truth and ears to hear the key message beyond all the noise. You are loved by God. He sent His Son, Jesus, here in the flesh to come and save you. The offer stands. Will you give your life over to the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth because Jesus paid the price for you? Or will you continue on your way of doing what you think is best and living with the consequences of a life without the One True God for eternity? Look into these things. Seek Truth and you will find Him. His name is Jesus. (John 14:1-7) (Jeremiah 29:12-13)

Please reach out to me if you have any questions. I’d love to try and help you get to know God better or inspire you to live your life with purpose to shine the light of Jesus. Thank you.

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