New Ventures on the Horizon

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I wanted to update everyone with my new plans for my blog starting next week! You can watch my FB Live video from this afternoon posted below or listen as I read this blog post to you. I’m sharing with you about the DFIC Cambodia Missions Presentation on 1 December, the new “Sincerely Sejana” video question and answer series launching next week, blog design, my heart & target audience that I hope to reach, local events and an opportunity to donate. Remember to reach out to me with your questions and comments. I want to hear from you!

DFIC Cambodia Missions Presentation 1 December 11:00am

All are invited to personally attend and hear experiences shared by the other team members from their very first missions trip (minus the two that served in the Philippines)! ALL of our 15-person team were new to Cambodia except for Pastor Golden and his wife, myself and a teen who served with us last year. I cannot wait to hear them share about what they learned and experienced from our time of preparing, serving and then returning home to our normal lives. Daegu Faith International Church 1 December 11:00 am. Once we present to the church body, look for a new blog post where I share more about my experience in Cambodia from a leadership point of view and in marveling at how God works!!

“Sincerely Sejana” video Q & A series

I am excited to announce the plan to create and post video content in a question and answer type format. I love what Pastor John Piper does through his blog and his YouTube series “Ask Pastor John.” It provides the structure that I’d like to replicate with you. The difference between “Ask Pastor John” and my video series is that 1. There is only audio responses for his over 3000 answered questions database. I’d like to have video responses to questions presented and even better, I picture recording this in a conversation style way with someone else in the video asking me the question and then us talking about it. 2. Another difference: Pastor John is a PASTOR and I am not but we all have to start somewhere! Finally, number 3. No disrespect at all, but Pastor John Piper is getting old (and in a way, so am I!). Even so, the responses he provides in the episodes I have listened to and/or read are consistent, trustworthy and Biblically based. He provides scriptures to support his responses and he is easy to understand. I plan to provide reputable content even though I know I do not have the same platform that Pastor John has nor the education. I DO have the understanding that God has given me and my unique experiences that has been helpful to others thanks to the Holy Spirit’s work in us. I am confident to move forward and see what will happen through this opportunity!

Questions for this ongoing series will come from YOU! It can come directly from you through various social media platforms, this blog or even in a direct email. I will also bring in content from discussions that I have with those that I disciple or lead in Bible study groups. I hope this can be interactive but most importantly, I pray that this will be helpful and useful to those that are seeking Biblical Truth and sincerely want to grow in their relationship with God.

Speaking of “sincerely“… the name “Sincerely Sejana came from a request a bit over a year ago of friends to help me come up with a blog name when I decided to turn my free blog into a paid blog; I thought that move would help me to become more consistent in my writings. So, THANK YOU to the friend(s) that suggested this name and then agreed that it was a good choice. It sure is!! Can you see how this blog has grown over time? I do and I love it.

Blog Design Request

I haven’t been happy with my blog’s look. I want to change it but I don’t know how to create the look and design that reflects the mood and the functions that I desire. What I want is that when people visit my website they immediately feel a sense of peace. They find that the information they need is easy to find and the website is up to date, elegant, and useful. How do I get this kind of a website design? I have no idea really; this is all trial and error for me. If you can help me with this, please do! I’m open to making things better.

When I first started blogging seriously a bit over a year ago, I didn’t really know what I would write about. But over time, I realized that what I enjoy spending time working on are content that related to God. My time is valuable and if I was going to work on something, it just made more sense to work on the things that I was passionate about. I love talking about God, about leadership, about growth through various struggles. I love hearing from others in how people ended up the way that they are or how they came to the decisions that they made. I love seeing how God was in everything that happens and always is in everything. So I suppose since I LOVE these things and notice God at work all around me, this is what I end up writing about and sharing. I’m not sure if this is the best way to help others though through this blog, or if these things are just for me to treasure, so that is where your feedback comes in. It is helpful to know what resonates with you and why. I’d love to hear your thoughts so again, feel free to share them with me!

FB Live video discussing these points mentioned here!

My ultimate goal is that you would see how God has been working within our life situations. You would understand how our obedience in living out life God’s way has practical value in our day to day life, as well as for eternity. That we would grow in knowledge, faith and trust in the Lord because through the study of God’s Word we would see that He is a good, just God and that He has great plans for you and those around you. You would choose to make decisions that reflect that transformed mindset. You would see purpose in sharing with others what you know to be true that they may have hope and be saved. Basically, I am looking to introduce, grow and encourage others to do what God has called His followers to do: go out and make disciples (that then go out and make disciples). If you have not yet trusted in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, I pray that you will do so today. See my testimony about How I Came to Know Jesus Christ. But stay tuned and I pray that my content would be helpful to you during your lifelong journey with God.

Audio recordings

I’m including audio recordings on my blogs of me reading through my written content so that it can be even easier to stay updated. Please let me know if this is useful for you or not.

Local events

I’ll be talking more about IF:Gathering events as I prepare for the upcoming #IF:Gathering2020 that I’ll be hosting in early February (or that YOU can host from wherever YOU are too!) Stay tuned!

Donations Accepted

A Pastor suggested to me that I should put on my website or social media a way for those interested to donate towards the work I am doing. There may be someone out there that wants to support and encourage me financially to continue to produce content that reaches out and helps others. If this is you, be on the lookout as I will figure out a way to add a way to receive donations into my websites. I appreciate the investment into what I do. I already work hard by doing these things that I believe God has put a passion in me to do (I disciple others on a weekly basis with Biblical content, teaching Bible studies, lead and mentor others in various ways). I do all these things for free. I KNOW the value of this kingdom work that I am doing and I am not asking for money. However, my husband plans to retire from the military in 2.5 years and after that, the plan is that I would then go to work. I don’t know what God has planned for our future, but as I continue to make moves to prepare to go back to work, I’d like to share with you my heart’s desire. I want to be able to financially support my family (if that is what I need to do) BY CONTINUING to work for the Lord in the ways that He has gifted me. I know that God is able to equip me and/or to provide for us if there are things that He wants us to do. Your support can help with that, if that is what you are led to do. Any kind of support (verbally, prayerfully, financially, physically…) is greatly appreciated and encouraging to me!

Share. Give. Life in Jesus

Finally, don’t be shy! Share this content with others if you found it helpful. Tell me what you like and what is helpful to you. Give me suggestions on how to make things better. I want to find a way to reach those who have not been reached to help them to know they have never been alone and there is THE WAY, there is TRUTH and there is LIFE in Jesus Christ. I also want to encourage those who desire to follow God in every way that they may find hope here in this place.



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