Join us at IF:Gathering2019 ! IF:Local host Daegu_anjirang South Korea

You are invited to make plans to join in and connect with local women at an IF:Gathering nearest you. IF is about discipleship. IF is about equipping you to go out into your places to do and live like our God has called us to.

IF God is real and IF His Holy Word is true- then how are we living like it? This is a time to gather together with other ladies worldwide (and local), have a time of worship together, listen to different Christ-followers speak on the topic of Proverbs, share with one-another our responses, and pray together. It has been for me a great time of encouragement in the Lord and an answer to prayer my first time attending #ifgathering2017. In #Ifgathering2018, I partnered with my church and co-hosted it there with a team of 24 people to thank after the fact. It was quite an experience hosting with about 45 ladies in attendance on Friday night (session 1) or Saturday (some different) (session 2 & 3) with beautiful themed decor, homemade foods, live worship and a time of response. It was amazing to join God in what He was doing in my community back in IF:Prince George in the United States (Virginia). We hosted teens there too and this next generation is now officially invited to attend #ifgathering2019 and participate! (See

#IF:Gathering2019 – join us!

Can you come to my home?

I’m hosting an IF:local at Daegu_anjirang (in South Korea) in my home for this simulcast (video broadcast) from Dallas Texas in February 9-11, 2019. Due to the times that it shows from the United States, I invite you to register to participate with me for at least 1 of the 3 sessions. I plan to host this opportunity broken up into one session a day. Please plan to come to as many sessions as you can. This will be hosted in English but ALL women who want to experience Biblical fellowship are urged to come!

Session 1: Saturday 9 Feb 1pm- 5pm

Session 2: Sunday 10 Feb 9am – 1pm

Session 3: Monday 11 Feb 9am – 1pm

Register specifically for IF:Daegu_anjirang here:

Details about what to expect, introductory video about this 2019 Gathering, and more about this non-profit organization called “IF:Gathering” is here:

What is IF:Local?

Want to attend but live somewhere else?

This worldwide event can be broadcast to anyone with internet access so even if you’re not local to me in Asia, you can still make plans to join in with someone else or host a space for others to connect and join with you. Find those places here: (There may even be others hosting and are open to the public like IF:Daegu_anjirang, but due to technical reasons it is unable to be displayed on the map. Please pray for all of these gatherings!!)

Is God calling you to go bigger?

Do you feel the call like I did last year to open up a larger venue and host? Please read through and pass along this Ministry Manual to your local church leadership team so that they can read more about the vision and Biblical stance of this organization. Also, you can read the Hosting guide to read the qualifications and expectations when preparing for this event.

To learn about hosting:

To read all the TOOLS for hosting:

The very essentials for planning:

Invite others to join you

I hope that you will be able to connect and experience this opportunity in person with at least one other soul. There is nothing like having dedicated time with someone else focused on spiritual matters so that you can bounce thoughts and prayers off of one another as you go. There will be a LOT of things said that you will not want to quickly forget.

Final thoughts

This is a busy time we live in. 2018 just zoomed on by for me, I don’t know about you. It matters to slow down and make time for whatever is important. For me, sharing Christ with others and encouraging them in their journeys with the Lord is why I am here.

This is an opportunity to set aside time for the purpose of realigning yourself to the One True God. It doesn’t take much to go off track a little bit and after a while you find yourself somewhere you didn’t really intend to be. Why not take advantage of this time and space to come together and hear what God has to say through others as we meet together in my place.

Let me know if you have any questions!

To my fellow IF Locals: Let me know if I (or we) are on your radar and let’s commit to pray for one another as we serve!!

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