A New and Living Way sermon from Hebrews 10:11-25

Mary Healy in her Hebrews commentary wrote about a paralyzed person healed from surgery still needs to use their muscles to walk. Today, my aim is to encourage you to walk! You’ve been fully restored thanks to God’s provision through Jesus. Let us actively walk out our faith through this new and living way. Today’s sermon is based off of Hebrews 10:11-25. I’m using the New International Version (NIV) today and it can be found here: https://www.bible.com/bible/111/HEB.10.11-25.NIV.

Normally I upload audio recordings of my sermons on YouTube but this was also recorded!

I use a few examples from my own life to help explain what the Bible verses I read mean: an airplane opening I heard from a Pastor speaking last semester for Truett Seminary’s Truett Chapel, the 3 year old on Halloween my preaching professor mentioned in class, my timeshare ordeal years ago when I was young in the Army, gardening this spring for our first season in Central Texas, my mentor of 11 years, seminary sisterhood, prayer, and getting connected in church even when it’s kinda frustrating. All of these examples were used to help (hopefully) shine light on what God might want us to consider in our every day lives, in our churches, in our families, cultures, and experiences.

What might the Holy Spirit be bringing to our attention as we consider these words today? How do we know God is faithful? How can we reach out to those among us who aren’t here with us in person? How can we stay connected? This is an active faith requiring both sides to respond. How are we each prompted to respond today?

This is my first time preaching at this church that I’ve been calling my church home. This morning when I arrived for Sunday School, I was still trying to figure out how I was going to put it all together in my notes. Afterwards, even though people seemed to be moved by today’s service and graciously let me know I did a good job, I knew all of today was indeed the Holy Spirit at work. I knew because my mind was all discombobulated and I wasn’t able to think clearly. However, I also knew that I – in faith – asked several different people to pray for me for weeks because of this first sermon. Mentally, I’ve been going through the ringer fighting with lots of thoughts that focused on me and not the Lord and His people. (Live on IG) Through this experience, I have actively lived out my faith as I continued to step forward day by day. I know this is how faith grows and I try to actively take part in what God is doing in my life. God does His part and I do mine. I know that the Lord is my ever present help in my times of need. I know this. I experience this. I pray that others can come to know God too and strengthen their faith that they would be able to confidently answer that indeed the Lord IS faithful. May we all who call on His name continue to actively live out our faith because we have been HEALED by the MASTER SURGEON, JESUS. All praise be to God!

What came to mind for you as you listened to this sermon today?


Sejana Yoo aka @SejanaShines

Recorded 14 November 2021 for pulpit supply at the church I’ve been calling my church home! (I need to make it official and ‘put a ring on it’ haha.) I am so thankful God led me to a church where they affirm and give opportunity for me to exercise the gifts and call God has given me. I can study all that I can but I need places where I can practice what I am learning and grow. THANK YOU to Meadow Oaks Baptist Church of Temple, Texas. (The audio of this sermon is here https://youtu.be/gYbcIqibR54.)

I am also thankful to a couple of my friends from Seminary who drove all the way over to hear me preach today! Seeing you guys there in the pews this morning really moved me. THIS is the action lived out that I think we are all called to in Hebrews 10:19-25.

Thank you for your visible support and encouragement towards me!! This is what living out Hebrews 10:19-25 can look like!!

Back on October 10th, about 5 weeks ago… I shared this photo on IG:

I just remembered, I shared a little bit about this journey here on Instagram back on October 10th. This was the day I was asked to preach. See how the Lord works! Sometimes you actively WAIT trusting that God is working!

If you have thoughts to share with me on this sermon or as I continue in my Seminary journey, please respond here or find me on my blog or social media.

Find other recordings for pulpit supply here https://sejanashines.com/2021/08/02/pulpit-supply-preaching/ or on the “Pulpit Supply preaching by SejanaShines (aka Sejana Yoo) audio recordings” playlist on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIfecSHFadHL6H5Ovwz5wPbfrE1y9_weP

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