The power of sharing digitally

This happened this summer and I shared it on Instagram (IG @SejanaShines), but I wanted to upload it here too. I am thankful for the many ways that the Lord works and how people, even people whom we don’t yet know, can be impacted by our actions. I am thinking about this now, months later, and thankful for this woman who has encouraged me! Also, I am thinking of and thankful for my aunt, who has always given of herself to nurture and care for me… I appreciate you so much. Thank you for being a big part of my life.

The video (below) from this summer talks about:

  • The unexpected surprise and encouragement I received from a woman I just met
  • Why I share content online
  • Meaning of “shines” in blog name “SejanaShines”
  • Prompted by God to create and share a Mother’s Day Video (in 2020)
  • God used that video to speak to someone I didn’t know.
  • They followed my journey and posts online…this spring (2021) I talked often about gardening
  • This person was inspired to act
  • I met this person IN PERSON and saw PROOF of the POWER OF SHARING DIGITALLY!

This is not in the video, but after this interaction, I realized these things about sharing digitally:

  • Responsibly share the good and the bad, so as to not unintentionally mislead others.
  • Keep pressing on with sharing content when prompted by God because we may never know how others might be blessed by it.

Recorded 18 July 2021 via IG Live, but just now uploaded onto YouTube!

@sejanashines posted July 18, 2021

Keep pressing on…

I received a big surprise today here in Birmingham, Alabama.

The lesson I want to remember here is to keep pressing on and doing those things that I feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to do.

The purpose of my content shared here and on my blog is that God would use it to reach WHOEVER needs to hear it. And you know what? GOD IS DOING JUST THAT.

I am sitting next to LIVING PROOF of this right now and I couldn’t keep it in. I needed to be obedient right now and share (in the video posted above). I hope this is encouraging to you, whoever you are, out there to keep pressing on.

Keep going.

You are not alone. And something IS happening that you may not even know!

(BTW, I had to go back but here is that Mother’s Day video I made…. this was OVER A YEAR AGO. And today, I got to see some fruit from that simple act of obedience. Lord help me to continue to be responsive to you and to YOUR call on my life. Video is here on YouTube SejanaShines called, “Happy Mother’s Day – A Personal Message to share my source of hope with you.”  Lord thank you for this encouragement today to keep pressing on and continue what I’m doing – relying on You to prompt me as to what to share and when as well as continuing to put these messages of hope out there into the world trusting that what God has for it, if anything, will come to pass. )

Thank you God!




Let me know if you would like to see a compiled blog post of all those gardening posts that inspired this interaction! Most of them (pictures, videos, and devotions related to gardening) were shared on Instagram throughout the spring and early summer 2021. This gardening experience was birthed from a desire to spend more quality time with my pre-teen daughter, but it ended up being a time that I spent marveling at God, learning patience, and appreciating the beauty all around me.

Please share this message with others who may need to be encouraged to PRESS ON with creating and sharing their gifts with others in the world!



Thank you, friend, and fellow Sister in Christ for these unexpected gifts and for your encouragement in what I do.

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