IF:Lead 2020 is Online

If you’re a fan of the nonprofit IF:Gathering ministry based in Dallas, Texas, USA, then you know that they are HUGE on discipleship and each year they coordinate IF:Gathering to help women around the world get it started by providing the tools and resources needed to invite others to gather together to watch and discuss Biblically based content from a variety of speakers that hold to the authority of God and the scriptures. I’ve hosted IF:Gathering three times so far see here but another event this ministry coordinates is an event called IF:Lead. I have purchased my ticket to attend this year even though it is online only (isn’t everything online these days?). However, what’s different about IF:Lead verses other IF: events are according to page 14 of their IF:Lead 2020 Hosting Guide here, “This is an event to pour into you, and pour into other leaders. IF:Lead has always been a rallying event for women who are either leading currently or being called to lead. We want this event to be an opportunity for you to reset as a leadership team by resting, dreaming, and praying about the days ahead.” I bought a ticket because I fully support this organization and I am always looking to grow as a leader.


BUT, each person that chooses to attend will need to purchase your own ticket (minimum cost for access is $29). See FAQ for why you need to get your own ticket in order to attend: https://ifgathering.helpscoutdocs.com/article/337-why-does-everyone-in-my-group-need-her-own-ticket

I think this would be a GREAT TOOL and TRAINING opportunity for women in leadership for PWOC, volunteer or paid staff in churches, missionaries… anyone in new or old roles…. anyone who wants to be better equipped to lead in their places. We can all use a little tailored support right? Now I haven’t attended an IF:Lead before but I’ve seen and been a part of other work done by this organization. That is why I jumped on this opportunity when I realized it was happening! Note: I am NOT receiving any benefit from doing these blogs; I like to support others that share the Truth about Jesus and I wanted to INVITE YOU to join me in processing this content (if you planned to attend-no pressure)! It will be much more fun to be able to talk about what I heard with others since I can’t really join in in-person like we all would have hoped life would be like at this time. Even still, I KNOW that God is at work in and through all of this and He is spreading His Name far and wide! GO HERE FOR ALL THE INFORMATION ON IFLEAD2020 iflead2020.com.


Here are a few FAQ’s that might be of interest to you:

  • If you want something to share with your Pastor to help promote this event at your church or organization or for your team, click here for a downloadable printable.
  • If you want to know pricing for presenting this material for a delayed date, in person event, click here to contact them for pricing details.
  • There is a DISCOUNT available for MILITARY or HEALTHCARE workers! Click here for info.

The most important thing

No pressure to join in this opportunity but if you are a leader and want some training to prepare you for the Fall ministries as they start back up – this might be for you. The timing is right before school begins (for most students). It could be a great time to take time to gather with your team (online or in person- whatever is appropriate for your situation) in order to take this time to intentionally gather, meet, pray, worship, learn, dream and discuss together for the GLORY OF GOD and the encouragement of the church.


Gathering together to watch this content and process through it in person may not work well for you. There are other ways to gather though; you can intentionally gather online!! That is what I would like to do in addition to watching it in person with 1 or 2 people if I can. I will host a ZOOM / GMAIL / FACEBOOK / SKYPE (whichever is best for all of us) with those that are interested in coming together online at a SET TIME to talk about the different speakers and go through the discussion questions together. If you want to join in with me in this processing time, I would love that! (See the 3 options below for details.) OR, gather a friend or two or YOUR ENTIRE TEAM (online) and meet together on your own!! I hope you do!!!

Here are some content that has been published so far:

“We can’t wait to see what God does through IF:Lead and after IF:Lead and through you!” – Jennie Allen via Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/CCwfpZQFT_O/

In this ‘Made For ThisPodcast Episode by Jennie Allen (founder of IF:Gathering), you hear 3 snippets from the interviews that will be fully broadcast during IF:Lead2020. It is only 13 minutes long and you hear from Jada Edwards, John Mark Comer, & Christine Caine, https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/08-3-things-you-will-need-to-lead-through-the-chaos/id1466667116?i=1000485855479

On their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IFgathering/posts/3261680950547906

On their YouTube page:

Well, let me know if you have any questions!

Spread the word

Feel free to use this blog post to gather your own friends in your own places!!! Or have your own discussions!! But if you don’t have anyone or would like to join in with me and discuss together online what we saw and heard with one another to encourage each other as we lead- then reach out and let’s do this together! I’m so excited!!

If you would like to meet with me, please do the following:

  1. Purchase your own nonrefundable ticket here. Whichever level is best for you. You can also think of this as supporting this organization in the great work that they do.
  2. Contact me via email sejanashines@gmail.com to let me know you want to join in virtually with me for IF:Lead 2020! I don’t expect there will be many people but I’m hoping for 5 people to join me. If there are more, I can host another 5 at a different day/time. WHY DO I WANT TO JOIN IN WITH OTHERS TO ‘PROCESS’ and talk about the discussion questions and speakers? BECAUSE I get more out of digital content when I am able to share my reactions and experiences with someone else, especially someone who also is leading or has a desire to lead like I do. We will learn from and encourage one another as we spend this time together. I cannot wait to meet with you!!
  3. Choose the format and day/time that is best for you to join in with me. Option 1 (same time as aired online in the US), Option 2 or Option 3. Email me which option you choose! Email sejanashines@gmail.com .

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