IF:Daegu #ifgathering2020

Make plans from where ever you are to tune into an IF:Gathering event near you. It happens every February. Three sessions. Biblical content. Different speakers. One topic. This year the topic is Jesus. I’m so excited! I’m hosting for the 3rd year in a row and each year looks a bit different. What’s my goal? To share my love for Christ and to see women of all ages and cultures all around me grow to love Him too. There is something for you whether all your life you grew up talking about God or if you never fully realized He came and died for you- come join us. You are welcome here.

What is IF?

How can I attend?

If you are local and live in Daegu, South Korea- make plans to come and join me. Click here for details and to register: https://local.ifgathering.com/daegu/ (If you use Facebook you can also go here https://www.facebook.com/events/460375607955785/ for updates.)

If you live in Daegu register here!

If you live anywhere else in the world– go here to find a location near you! https://local.ifgathering.com/

#ifgathering2019 Session 2 about 15 minutes in! WOW!!!

Thoughts after hosting last year

Read more blogs about IF:Gathering here.

Read more about IF:Gathering from the IF:Gathering website here https://www.ifgathering.com/ifgathering2020/ .

Be encouraged and stay connected.
Biblical content focused on growing in a deeper relationship with Christ by the renewing of your mind (read your Bible). Sacrificial obedience to His ways (deny yourself) recognizing your influence in others to do the same (you represent Christ) for the glory of God and empowered by God through the Holy Spirit. 
Thank you Lord God with us!!
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sejanashines/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sejanashines/ Blog https://sejanashines.com/ 

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