Revive Our Hearts – Jackie Hill Perry – deception of woman

What is a woman? 🤔
Watch (or read the transcript) as a woman shares about how our Image of God became blurred through #deception. This blog post draws attention to the Revive Our Hearts Lies Women Believe Week 3: Lies Women Believe About Themselves video featuring poet Jackie Hill Perry. Click here to watch the video and read the transcript, snippets from their blog is below:

“…Satan tempted Eve by telling her that she could have another identity” (apart from God / different than what God said).

“…When we are deceived, we go about life gathering information about ourselves from everyone but God.

👉I am who this relationship says I am.
👉I am what my bank statement says I am.
👉I went to an Ivy League school, so my personhood is centered around my intelligence.
👉I have children, so everything that I do, all that I am, finds its completion in my being a mother.
👉I am over thirty-five and still single, so I must not be worthy of love.
👉I’ve been married for twenty-five years, and my husband still hasn’t changed. I deserve another spouse.

“We allow our life stages and difficulties and accomplishments and blessings to become the things that name us, but it ought not be so. …”

“…So it doesn’t matter who they say you are or who you think you are. What matters is: Do you know who God is? And, if so, believe Him when He tells you who you should be.

“Now, I have a poem. With my story and my testimony being one of lesbianism, gender confusion, I didn’t know what it meant to be a woman. I didn’t think that womanhood was a good thing. I thought it was a true thing, but not a good thing. And I had to figure out what it meant to be me, what it meant to be a woman and this body—especially when I had a daughter. I figured that I would be the first Titus 2 that she would ever read. So I knew that I needed to live it out before I ever thought I could preach it….”

Go here to watch the video or read transcript

Click on the link and listen in for yourself. At about 20 minutes into the video #jackiehillperry shares her poem (click on the link to take you to the original post).

I just love how God redeems us and uses our story to tell His Story.

😍I also thank God for these resources that affirm Biblical truth. It is interesting how I came across this yesterday. Serving at #pwoc in PWOC Area IV, I brought my laptop just in case and ended up that suddenly there was a facilitator that could not come. The woman in charge “happened to” tell me when I asked her how she was doing and then I said I brought my laptop, you can use mine for that class. Well, this was the video they planned to show. When I turned on my laptop today, I saw the link and I gave it a read. Thank you God.

I have been praying about my Biblical Womanhood class as we are going through the #FiveAspectsofBiblicalWomanhood study and there are many questions. This is understandable because as society (as a whole) we have chosen to go our own way. We choose our own understanding verses God’s understanding. This affects our view in society of ourselves as women. I shared this video (did you watch it yet?) with my group and now with you as we continue to look to God for our answers.

#woman #womanhood #biblicalwomanhood #identity #reviveourhearts

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