Bible Study Recommendation: Five Aspects of Woman (Barbara Mouser) – SejanaShines

What is God’s design for me as a woman? What did he have in mind when he created me for this specific time and place, in this specific body? I didn’t realize how much a lot of what I was struggling with as a young working woman, then older woman, homemaker wife and mom and even now raising a daughter in middle school in these confused times and as a layman leader within the church that the fundamental issues common to all women were addressed within this study. It is a great study. I sincerely appreciate the time taken by my mentor and good friend starting back in 2015 to go through this 2 volume “Five Aspects of Woman” study via Skype each week. Thank you ladies!

Summary of Five Aspects of Woman:

Author Barbara Mouser examined the whole of the scriptures for what God has to say about women and femininity and organized it into 5 aspects (or categories). Each aspect is broken down into an introduction, 3 lessons: God’s original design (Created), how sin has messed it up (Fallen), and how we can choose the way to live rightly (Redeemed) and closes with a summary “life lesson” for each aspect. This 23 lesson study takes at least 6 months to complete. It is specifically geared towards any Christian woman who can devote the time it takes to complete the readings and think through their answers to the questions before meeting together with a partner or group in which the leader has completed the course in it’s entirety.

Five Aspects of Woman.

Read the welcome. Read “I’m new.” And download and listen to the text as read from the previous edition by the author in the “Resources” section. This is a great way to digest the material in various formats. You can download Chapter one for free here: . Read above for a more detailed overview or listen to the video.

Five Aspects of Femininity for Girls.

Download the first chapter for free. As mentioned in my video above, this has been a great resource and source of discussion about God’s design for women in general and for her as a growing young woman. She is turning 11 at the end of the year in her first year of Middle school. We are 1/3 of the way through this textbook. I do take time to go over the material with her after she has completed a few pages, then we go back through what she has done together. I think this helps me to know how to articulate with her some of these concepts and it also gives me insight into her thinking. This has been a great opportunity for me to share applicable stories and examples as well to help support the material. I make time to go through this material with her because it is important that she has a strong foundation and confidence in who she is as a young woman designed by God. This is 267 pages of content divided into 25 lessons. Note: There is also a textbook for older girls available here. I have not done this one yet.

The reason why I want to get this right. I love you daughter!

Seven Principles of Sexuality.

Download the first chapter at the link above. Great compact study for men, women, and/or couples on Biblical sexuality. Only 61 pages of content and answer guide included in the back.

All these studies I have done and would recommend. Free first chapters can be downloaded on their website .

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