Restored to Follow Jesus. Sermon from John 21:1-19

Using examples from my life and questions for you to reflect and consider- I reason that God has uniquely pursued us that we may choose to follow Him. How will you respond to this invitation? This blog post has a video of my sermon (but the whole service can be seen via Facebook on the church’s website here). Also included below are the sermon outline, prayer, and a link to the “Preaching Tip” conversation from my Facebook page stemming from a comment from a church member right after the service. If you want to have a laugh, be sure to scroll down to the end to see what was shared. As always, feel free to share your thoughts with me about my preaching presentation, the Biblical text, or any thoughts and questions you’d like to share with us.

Link to preaching playlist is here.

“Restored to follow Jesus” Sermon John 21:1-19

  • God pursues us so that we can recognize and respond to the invitation to follow.
    • John 21:5-8
    • When did God get your attention? Perhaps it is in a way that is unique to you and your circumstances. Peter and the disciples didn’t recognize that it was Jesus talking with them until at his word, they caught so many fish. They were experienced fisherman!! They knew this was the Lord! What about you? How has the Lord gotten YOUR attention?
  • God provides for us so that we can remember (flashback) his love and faithfulness.
  • God’s grace restores us even though we don’t deserve it. Even though God doesn’t have to. God fully restores us so that we can follow Jesus.
    • John 21:15-19
    • Peter betrayed Jesus even though he thought he would NEVER do such a thing. But Jesus knew (John 13:31-38) and yet went through this (John 21:15-19) that Peter would know that Jesus loves HIM. How has God shown his love and grace to you? Are you showing this same love, grace, and mercy to others as has been done to you through Christ?
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May you recognize the Lord’s pursuit of you and restoration of you as a loving and sincere invitation and relationship that benefits not just you, but benefits the others who are in relationship with and around you.

Help us, oh Lord, to hear what you’re trying to say to us God. Help us God to recognize you. Help us Lord to turn to you and not run away and not to hide. God, life is difficult as you know. And you meet us in these times. You meet us where we are and you get our attention. And you cause us to see you and to know and to say, “It is the Lord.” Lord help us to come to you. Help us to come to you everyday. It’s in your Son, Jesus’ name we pray these things. We thank you oh God for this time we are spending today right now and continuing- it is in Your Name we pray these things- Amen.

Got an excellent preaching tip after the service!! But FB isn’t able to be embedded here so I’ve added the IG post. Check my FB page for this post for the discussion and extra tips!

This sermon was recorded 1 May 2022 as pulpit supply for First Presbyterian Church Clifton in Central Texas. I am a current Masters of Divinity (MDiv) student at George W Truett Theological Seminary in Waco, Texas.

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