Responding to the cross. Sermon from Luke 23, Acts 3, Romans 3

What is our response to Jesus’ death on the cross? Jesus is the undeserved gift for you and for me.  This is the message and hope that we share- the gift of Jesus Christ. In this sermon preached at Little Deer Creek Baptist Church in Texas, I share 3 points of response to consider as we take time to remember Jesus and the cross during Holy Week and on Good Friday.  Afterwards, I share a few resources to consider for those that want to learn more about the events of this week often called Passion Week.  Finally, may you take the prayer spoken in the recording and make it your own, for this season of your journey in life with God.

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“Responding to the Cross- Jesus is the undeserved gift for you” Sermon points

  1. We recognize our ignorance – Jesus did. (Luke 23:32-35)
    • Teen life
    • Missing Soldier
  2. We move from ignorance to repentance. (Acts 3:17-19)
    • Experience with friend
    • Is it hard for you to move to repentance with others in the world? Are you willing to go through the effort required in your relationships to move
  3. We continue to have faith that God provided the way through his Son, Jesus Christ. (Romans 3:23)
    • Jesus could have saved himself, but he didn’t. He saved us.
    • Interaction with pastor
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This week started with Palm Sunday/Passion Sunday when Jesus set his face to go into Jerusalem. The people initially thought he was coming in to take over as King but they realized their version of Kingship wasn’t what Jesus had in mind. Kingship for Jesus meant the sacrifice of himself for others.  Jesus was prepared to live this out to their completion – his death (and murder) upon the Roman cross.  You can read more about this week, Holy Week, from one or all of these books in the Gospel:

-Matthew starting in chapter 26

-Mark starting in chapter 14

-Luke starting in chapter 22

-John starting in chapter 13

For those who’d like a visual, consider this YouTube series, “The Easter Experience” by City on a Hill.  “Bring the passion and resurrection of Jesus to life through dramatic storytelling and challenging teaching done in a highly cinematic style, with teaching from Kyle Idleman.


May your time of exploring further the events of this week, Holy Week and the Easter Season, produce a deeper understanding and recognition of what God has done for you through Jesus. May you come to know the sacrificial love and undeserved grace of God for you.

Lord, thank you for this message today…thank you for access to your Word. If any of us wants to know more about you, about your Word, you are right there. You are accessible.  There are others that know you and we can talk to them. We can read your word. We can pray directly to you and ask you for your help to help us to not remain in ignorance. To help us to have humility. To help us when we don’t have it all figured out and when our perspective is narrow. Thank you for protecting me when I was younger. Thank you for protecting me in my ignorance. Thank you that I recognize that you are with me every day. Back then God, I thought I knew so many things but now I can see I knew so little. I thank you God for your protection over my life. I thank you God that I can be here today to just share a little bit about you. God, I thank you that you give us all an opportunity to step out of ignorance and into true life with you through your blood that you willingly shed on the cross on our behalf. We don’t deserve it, but it is by your grace that God- you made the way. I thank you Lord, but what more can I do for you except for to tell others what you have done for me? I pray that something today would stick in the minds of the hearer and will draw them closer and closer to you. Thank you Lord, for your son, Jesus. Thank you for his actions. Thank you, Lord for all you have done for us – even the things we can’t see.  It’s in your name we pray, Amen.

This sermon was recorded 10 April 2022 as pulpit supply for Little Deer Creek Baptist Church in Central Texas. I am a current Masters of Divinity (MDiv) student at George W Truett Theological Seminary in Waco, Texas.

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Other Resources for Holy Week

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