Letter from the Editor Baptist News Global and Baptist Women In Ministry

I was proud for the work of @baptistwomen (Baptist Women In Ministry) and the collaboration that is evident when I read this letter from the Editor of @baptistnews (Baptist News Global) just now (8 April 2022). I receive their summaries in my email on Friday, in the BNG “Friday Roundup”. READ THE ARTICLE HERE.

In particular, this quote from BWIM Director, Meredith Stone, named key issues that I’ve seen and experienced myself as a woman in ministry- “Although it is not true for all women, research and statistics indicate that (1) women are less likely to volunteer their talents because they fight a systemically created fear that most people do not value them or their ideas, (2) women in leadership often have to work harder professionally to prove their competence so they have less free time for public writing, and (3) most women have more responsibilities within their families which limit their ability to engage in extra projects.

There’s other great content and links in this section of the Friday Roundup, I hope you take a look. Article here.

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