Conversation with a teacher about teens & life

What if you could listen in on a candid conversation between a mom and public school teacher about parenting teens? Well now you can! Watch or listen to the full video conversation between a teacher of over 21 years and myself as we open up about our lived experiences around life and parenting. Be freshly inspired and encouraged to continue the journey before you as a parent, teacher, or some other trusted adult in the life of another human soul.

The conversation is long, but there are many nuggets of wisdom freely given for all who have ears to hear. Don’t forget to share with me what stood out to you and if there are other topics you’d like to see discussed in the future.

My goal is to shine light on everyday people who show up and navigate an aspect of their life beautifully. I believe that Stacie definitely does this in the natural way she encourages others, including me, and of course her children and other students in her role as a teacher and mom. I am really thankful she allowed me to record and publicly share our conversation with others, that they might be encouraged too. Check it out for yourself and click to watch the full length recorded conversation below!

By the way, have you heard the news? This year I am purposely moving forward using my strengths, and inviting others to come along and journey with me!! Check out my new venture here.

Video link and notes here
Video link and notes here:
Video link and notes here:
Video link and notes here:

Full AUDIO here:

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