Thoughtful virtual book club discussion starts Monday 7 May

Hi! I’m hosting a virtual book club beginning THIS MONDAY May 10th! We are reading Beth Allison Barr’s “The Making of Biblical Womanhood: How the Subjugation of Women Became Gospel Truth” (BrazosPress 2021) and having discussion via FB Messenger around the book over the course of 8 weeks. (Note: I have not read pre-read this book so I will be reading it along with you! This group is for those who are curious about the content and desire to thoughtfully investigate the claims that are made by the author. Just so you know, my purpose of reading this book together is not so that we all agree and think exactly the same after we are done but that we would have taken time to thoughtfully consider what is said and its implications in community with others so that as I hear your thoughts and questions about the content my perspective and thinking is broadened and I will know how to go to God in prayer about these issues. These are MY reasons for opening up this opportunity to read and discuss this with others.

Note: I have no affiliation with Dr. Barr but I am greatly interested in reading and thoughtfully discussing her most recent work with others who want to give this book a charitable reading.

Here is the first article I read about Dr. Barr’s book, in which I opened my Bible app and read several translations to confirm for myself what she said. Afterwards, I heard a few interviews in which Dr. Barr has done that made me want to purchase the book and read it for myself. If you are also interested in this subject and want to have a thoughtful discussion as you go through her work, purchase your copy ASAP and join us! 

Discussion Gatherings will be WEEKLY for 1 HOUR:

Monday, May 10, 3-4pm CDT / 10-11am Hawaii time – Introduction & Chapter 1

every week until 

Monday, June 28, 3-4pm CDT / 10-11am Hawaii time – Chapter 8 and Conclusion


Original post here:

Group Study Guide is available here for free download:

There are about 5 questions per chapter offered here and we can add our own as well.


Please reach out to me, Sejana, at You will need the LINK to join us on Monday! I look forward to hearing from you.



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