How is Seminary going?

I’m happy to give an update and a REAL answer to those who have been wondering how school (seminary) has been going for me. Has it been what I hoped it would be? Yes! Let me try and explain through two illustrations (the study Bible and finding my birth mother) which I hope are helpful in the video below:

In the video, I also share a bit of my profound gratitude in the people that have POURED INTO MY LIFE over MANY years. You helped me to have a pretty solid foundation built upon the Scriptures and conservative traditions of many others before us. I am forever grateful for your work and efforts in my life. I know that there are several who love me dearly who might be a bit concerned about what I am learning and I assure you that if you continue to be worried for me, please do pray for me. I hope to continue to use discernment, as you have taught me, and also to continuously seek the Truth of the Lord in ALL things and where He would have me go in this journey. Pray with me about this as I move forward in my studies. I know it is opening up my perspective and broadening my point of view. I embrace this time but I know it will be a time of focused shaping in my views and when we are done here, I may think a bit differently than I started. I am hopeful about this but also very aware that that can make many people nervous. Again, pray for me and for us who are in schools for ministry all around the World. May we indeed seek Truth and find it (Him) in our studies and in this time. May we all seek to see and to know God for who He truly is. When we do, we will indeed respond accordingly giving Him the highest glory and praise. It’s the point of my sharing in multiple ways that others may see and know Him. My blog name, Sejana “Shines,” was created to “shine” the light of Christ to this watching, waiting world in all that I do. May you do that too as you are the Light of the World if you are a fellow Christian. (Matthew 5:14-16)

I am SO THANKFUL for this opportunity to be here in this place; to be able to set aside focused time, valuable resources, and to take full advantage of the relationships and the materials that I will be exposed to. I want to take FULL ADVANTAGE of all of it and over and over I say to myself, “I can’t believe I get to be here!” It’s not really about this specific school as I’ve only been in classes now for just over one week, but it is about the fact that my (currently unbelieving) husband FULLY SUPPORTS me and is ENCOURAGING ME in this journey. I mean from thinking about applying, to debating moving forward, to looking at schools, to thinking of after I get my degree, to financing this degree, to allowing me time away to stay in hotels so I can drive less —- I mean FULLY supporting me. This experience would be different without his FULL endorsement and I cannot believe that this is my story right now. I do NOT take this lightly.

During newcomer’s orientation, I experienced my first in-person view of Truett Chapel and these banners. (Thank you Lord!)

I know I should be doing some reading now for my (many) classes, and I will. But I NEEDED to get this out to you. I want to make these updates as I go for others who may be encouraged from what God is doing right now in my life in this area. Let me know what you’d like to know. Feel free to reach out.





These are most of my first semester books! I bought many of them used to save money. 🙂

I DO have a video I recorded before this one to share with you! But I need to edit it to make it shorter (I kinda got off on a rabbit trail in the middle that I want to cut out- that’s why the delay!) and then I’ll upload it here. That video talks about what I’m studying and the classes I’m taking my first semester at the George W. Truett Theological Seminary in Waco and why.

IG Posts about seminary:

First Day of orientation and my first time on campus-

The weekend right before classes started was a tough one; it reminded me of the need to pray and to ask for others to pray for me (and us) too.

First day of Spring Semester 2021 for everyone –

2 thoughts on “How is Seminary going?

  1. Just enjoyed worshipping with you in the park while we were having breakfast in our home on wheels in Portugal. Love that technology allows us to do that, but how awesome it would have been to be there with you singing and praying together. You are so gifted and inspiring! What fun hanging out with you in your kitchen…too funny…love your multitasking:) Your passion and eagerness to draw deeper into the word of God is palpable; so excited for you! One of the many blessings of me getting hired by DoDDS was providing Frank with the opportunity to attend seminary via distance learning. He did not always agree with the professors so he would preface his responses with, “the professor says…” or “the textbook says…” since it was the answer they were looking for, but not necessarily the conclusion he had come to. He would prefer saving that discussion for a more receptive audience. Joining you in prayer and excitement during this endeavor. Keep on shining brightly for Christ!!

    1. Thank you for sharing Mayra!! I love how connected we can be through technology. I’m glad you could join me in the park and in my kitchen from across the world! Those are great phrases to remember- “my professor says” and “the textbook says” as I may be still figuring out what I think about these things. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me and letting me know you tuned in!

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