Thankful for a great first day TEFL Journey

Thank you for your prayers; my first day of teaching English to Korean adults here in Korea went great!  I enjoyed every moment, even though it was my first time to prepare for and teach this type of class. I shared with the class that I hope to be able to help refugees and other person’s who do not feel comfortable with their English skills to become more proficient once we move back to the United States. Before I was born, my mom moved to the U.S. not knowing much English and consequentially lived a hard life.  Maybe I can help people like her have a better start in the U.S. or even in their own country by opening up opportunities for work if they were able to speak, read and write in English. My husband and I began to dream about helping others through teaching them English, especially in the countryside of Cambodia in January 2020 where we saw so many children with not a lot of options.  This is ultimately why I wanted to get the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate. I’m so glad I did AND so thankful for this chance to practice what I learned today with all of these beautiful ladies!!!

I received some great feedback to help me better prepare for next week. This is a class with a wide range of English abilities; I hope to engage each person during their time with us. 😳😜😍

Thank you also @bridgetefl for your great program to get me ready! I learned a lot from my teacher, the text and all of my classmates during those 12 weeks online. ❤️I sincerely appreciated Teacher Terry McLean’s detailed written and sometimes audio/video recorded reviews of my work in the IDELT Online 150-hour TEFL/TESOL program. I started my journey on 11 February which was 2 weeks before my city in Daegu South Korea became the #2 hotspot for #covid19. Working through my assignments on the online platform each week provided a routine to stick to when everything else I was typically involved in shut down during that time. I enjoyed connecting with all of the other students in my class around the world with different experience levels in teaching English. I was one of the students that had no real experience teaching English in a classroom- until today!

Finally, thank you for the MyCAA Military One Source for approving my request to use their funds to pay for this course. Because of my husband’s conversation with a co-worker, I looked into it again and I still had funds! We still qualified to use it! I just had to do some paperwork and go through a process to requalify but since that worked out, I was able to start my class early February. The timing was great for me to focus on this class. If you are a military spouse, check out the requirements for MyCAA, maybe you qualify as well or you can use some of the other many programs they have to offer us, while these opportunities exist. 

There is so much to be thankful for. I just wanted to give a shout out to each person, program, and to the Lord for guiding me all the way on this journey. 

You can read here when and where the idea of teaching English became something I started to really consider. It was from my third trip to Cambodia.

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