Free Your Story M1

I love to learn about the process that people went through to get to where they are so I’m going to upload my final thoughts after each module in the “Free Your Story” program I’m currently enrolled in. This is an investment in me. At the end of this journey, you should see a more clarified blog and social media presence that better presents what I want to share with the world and especially with you- those who read and respond to my posts! 😀


I get to let go of doing everything and being everything to everybody all the time (or feeling that way). I get to set aside and protect this time of exploring and writing for me and my future endeavors. 


Being intentional about this time of exploration is critical to make the most of this journey. I remember using a special scholarship to pay for a whole photography course many years ago.  Students would print and submit through the mail our photographic assignments and then we would wait on tape recorded feedback from seasoned photographers as they go over our photos in detail.  It was a correspondence course where we set on our own schedules as there were (probably) students all over the world also going through this same material. Do you know how many lessons I worked through and submitted for review through this course? Zero. What a waste. Even if I went through the material now as I still have the huge box of colorful booklets, papers and DVD’s, I missed out on the most valuable resource available to me at that time – personalized feedback from photographers in the field (aka people who were where I wanted to be) that were going to review and comment on my work. So, you can understand my fear in inadvertently following down that path yet again as I have definitely done this more than once.  But today is a new day and I have set my face on my goal of completion.  I do NOT want to waste this opportunity I’ve been given to work with and alongside each of you during this time.   


In order to do this I know I need to have a schedule. So today I thought through, wrote down and plugged in (using an app on my phone) the extra things that I wanted to do each day. Writing for my blog and also writing through the FREE YOUR STORY module work is of course on my list! But I know myself.  I know I tend to think of other things I’d like to start doing as well, which can distract me from my original goals. (Can we say ‘self-sabotage’?) I know I THINK I work best under pressure when I have a mountain of things to do and I’m at the final countdown to meet the prescribed deadlines.  But honestly, if I didn’t wait until the last minute and reviewed my work during the time that I have (instead of thinking of new (mostly unrelated) things to do) I would probably come out with a better product than before.  So, in summary, the best way to support my own self is to 1. keep to my schedule each day and 2. think really hard before adding anything else on my plate right now for the duration of this program. In fact, since I can be stubborn when I think I have a great idea (or if I feel there is a “need” out there that cannot wait), I am posting this online so that YOU can see what I am now involved in!! You can support me by helping me to stay accountable for the remaining 8 weeks as I “Free My Story”! 😄 

Thank you, 


Share with me what resonated with you when you read a little bit more about me. I’m on my journey to sharing my truest story with the world! Thanks for joining me!

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