Leader Check-In Perspective in the Pandemic thoughts

Have you had an opportunity to listen into this 10+ HOURS of content yet?? The “Leader Check-In” is designed for leaders but as Nick Hall says, “If you are alive, then you are a leader.” That means you and me!! We all have influence and what a time to be encouraged and get equipped because the world and your home – they all need us to be there to show them living examples of the hope and light of Christ. It starts with us first regaining ‘Perspective in the Pandemic.’ I pray this encourages you as it has personally encouraged me as I lead in my places that God has me in right now. I’m publishing this anyway even though I’m not done creating timestamps and notes from each speaker (for myself). Maybe you are a leader that needs this encouragement and reminder right NOW. Please tune in at https://leadercheckin.com/ for details or watch the full broadcast on YouTube below.

Of course, I’d love to hear which message is standing out to you right now if you’d like to share. For me, I’m only 3 hours into the 10 hours of content and as Nick Hall hosts and shares a bit between each speaker, I am reminded that God can use anyone to do anything that He wants done. Also, I am reminded that NOW is not the time to play it safe; there are people dying and many are dying without Jesus. I know this already, but to be honest with you, being here in Daegu, Korea, we have been doing this for over 7 weeks now with the #covid19 #coronavirus limited movement, social distancing, going to school at home stuff. I am watching the spread of the virus around the world with the death toll rising and rising and although I started off hard, I have taken a step back. Matt Chandler responded to a guest’s questions about what to do in this time with discipleship, which is an area I feel passionate about and have been intentional in for some time now. He said discipleship should continue just like you have already been doing but maybe the only change is maybe it’s done through a different format now. But it should continue. I felt conviction there. I know that some of the groups that I have had the privilege of leading and serving in I haven’t even checked in with them for several weeks. That is not right. I am thankful for this reminder tonight to go God about this and to get back on track. Even if they aren’t ready to respond; I can still be there. I can still let them know I am praying for them. I can still pray for them. I could justify myself and say that I was taking care of me (God rested too right?) but I know that God has been bringing them to my mind yet I did nothing. So, I am reminded that I need to do what God has purposed for me to do. Thank you God for this reminder. So, for me, that is the biggest take away I have received so far, besides being introduced to new organizations that I want to check out and start to use. I know there is something for you too. I thank you Nick Hall, your team and all the sponsors for putting this on for free for us. Also, thank you to ALL the many invited speakers who prepared and shared unique messages of encouragement to other leaders as we regain composure and get back out there with all that we have for the glory of the Lord.


I am sharing some of my notes so far; I’ll update it as I go. Happy Easter!! I hope you can check this out and be encouraged! I am!

21:42 Nick Hall, Founder & Chief Communicator – Pulse Psalms 4. Introduction

24:00 Kathy Branzell, President National Day of Prayer Task Force.  @natlprayer Psalm 96:6

30:00 Michael W Smith with worship. Majesty. Nothing is impossible for you/I believe. Let it rain….open the floodgates of heaven. This is how we fight our battles…Worthy is the lamb.

42:00 Francis Chan All of these truths that we have heard in the church but now it is do you believe this or not?If the security isn’t there now is the time to get right with the Lord. Luke 12. Build bigger barns to store more stuff to make yourself safer…. Why?James 4: come now you who say you will do this or that… Think about humbling yourself. Then you will receive the grace of God. James 4:5. Is it for no reason that the scripture says that he jealously yearns for the spirit placed within us. God wants this intimacy with us. Think about why you want to get back to ‘normal.’  May we take advantage of this opportunity that he has given us. We wait for God to lead us where he wants us to go. Time of growth is a time of uncertainty. Could it be that God doesn’t want us to go back to church as usual and life as usual? God is taking us on a journey here. This could be the beginning of the end. God is doing something.  Are we ready to head into a new season? This virus has taught us how unprepared we are for the big things.  Yearofthebible.com#yearoftheBibleMy self help tips aren’t enough anymore. We need the word of God. It’s not that God wants us to fall in love with internet sermons but to develop relationships with others and strengthen them online. We are thankful that we have the Holy Spirit with us.We won’t return to our previous idea of normal. 

1:04:00 Bishop Vincent Matthews COGIC World Missions Used the example of a friend using a worm to get him to stop drinking but they missed the point of the message. May we not miss the point too.

1:14:00 Matt Chandler of Village Church. @mattchandler74 We are intentional with names. God shares his personal name with humankind for the first time in Exodus.  Discipleship now should continue as it has been it’s just the means has changed.  How to reach family? Ask loved ones how we can pray for them. Pray for them. Circle back again and tell them I have been praying for them and to ask them how this is going with this issue at this time for them. God is reminding us of our place of dependence in Him. 
1:35:00 GoodFriday.com tune in for more messages at 5pm. We are God’s Embassadors. God is in control. Nick Hall. 8 months ago sister in her 30 was diagnosed with cancer and then 6 months later she died. Perfectly normal that you are in self preservation mode and move into a place of surrender. Move into a place of going all in. People are dying that need Jesus. The biggest problem is not that people are dying from this virus but instead that they are dying without Jesus. This program could impact 1 Billion people; translated into 26 languages.

1:40:00 Tara- Leigh Cobble, Founder the Bible Recap, D-Group @thebiblerecap You have enough, He is with you.

Nick Hall – Be more bold as ever with evangelism. Do not slow down and go all in. To risk it all and to see people know Jesus now. 

1:49:47 Sally Burke, President of Mom’s in Prayer International.  God has allowed this to happen within your home. Don’t stop praying. Keep seeking the Lord and asking him for wisdom. The Lord is near. Invite your kids into your time of prayer too. (Free worksheet available on their website to help.) You don’t need to be perfect but we can pray to the One who is. 
1:53:50 Fern Nichols, Founder of Mom’s in Prayer International How husband’s can help during this time. Trust and acknowledge God during this time. How to love and serve your wife with joy. @momsinprayer

1:58:15 World Vision 

2:01:00 Nick Hall, Pulsemovement.com Designed for leaders. If you are alive, then you are a leader. Encourage people with practical advice. Call people back to the Word of God. Commission you as a leader which could be the greatest harvest of our lifetime. This is a moment to go all in and not play it safe. The worst that can happen is that we go to heaven. God can use anyone from anywhere to do anything. We are pleased to steward the Year Of the Bible Campaign.  Movecloser.org

2:04:00 panel of “Next Gen Leaders” hosted by Nick Brandt, Pulse Director
Caziah Franklin, musician & writer. @caziahfranklin We will speed through the outline and miss key details. Our ego sometimes hinders us from even asking for help.
Kolby Koloff, music artist & speaker. You cannot lead unless you are led and being fed. Overflowing through the word of God to show them the path of where to go. @kolbykoloff Daughter of a pastor. Read your Bible for yourself and with your children. Have conversations even about the hard things. We trust that the Spirit will go before us. Hebrews 13:7. Let them see us seeking after the heart of God. 
Gabrielle Odom, Next Gen Leader (in High School), Speaker. @helloitsbrie If we fall in love with the God of this universe then we will love His Word. Psalm 14:6 Be still. May we come to hear the voice of God. Faith comes through hearing and hearing through the word of Christ. We should elevate the word of God. We need the Word. The fluffy is not going to save my generation. Feed us the Word because we need it. God’s word will not return void. 
Other ministries to consider: How to life moment. Catalyst. Perspective in the Pandemic. The Bible is God’s Manual. Open it and read it out loud. 

2:19:30 Nick Hall. Do I love God’s Word or am I trying to convert people to my word. I want people to come to the source and help them understand it. This is the power of God. Literally. 2 King’s the story of Josiah, the Bible was lost in the temple. Be challenged to come to the word yourself. Find out more in YearoftheBible.com

2:21:26 Esteban Shedd, Streelights. @streetlightsbible Spoken word based off of Colossians 1. Redemption through slaughter.Streelights is focused on hearing the word of God over audio beats to form a dynamic audio Bible. Or to SEE passages of the word of God. After recorded scripture to a hip-hop soundtrack the people they were trying to reach were now able to internalize the Word. Download the app. Give. 

2:28:44 Nick Hall. People are stuck looking in the mirror and facing the realities of their life. All their false idols are down.

2:30:00 Justin Tennison, President of PulsePhilippians (whatever is true, noble, right….) Vs 9. Whatever you have learned, heard, seen, received from me…put it into practice for now is such a time as this. Know the difference between change and adapting. Adapt means to make things suitable and effective for this new time. Receive and give of yourself. How do you adapt? Knowing what your underlying core competencies are- don’t think too broad. Make it tangible. Story of Honda peeling back what it was good at and focusing on that.     Allow the team that is with you to step up and be used by God at this time. Offer opportunities and responsibilities to people; see them in their best light. 

2:39:40 #yearoftheBible

2:41:40 (Nick Hall intro) God loves you and sees you. You can even admit that you are not okay. Reach out and tell your friends if you are in need. It is okay to get emotional support and help. Churches That Heal.  Dr. Henry Cloud, Leadership Expert, Psychologist, & Best Selling Author. @drhenrycloudofficial 

….? I hope to update more when I can. For now, I want to focus on enjoying this time with my family to celebrate Easter Sunday! He is Risen!!! Please share what stood out to you, if you like. I’d love to hear it. Thanks.

#leadercheckin #pulsemovement #yearoftheBible #Worldvision

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    1. So glad you found this! I’m glad I found it too. It has been very helpful for me and I still haven’t finished it all yet! Happy Easter!

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