The Easter Experience Invitation

If you already have your own plans and traditions for Easter, would you share them with me? Now that my children are older, I look for ways to remember and engage with the events that led up to the death and resurrection of Jesus each year in a way that will affect how we live our day to day lives. I want them to not forget what Jesus has done and to remember to share this hope in Him with others. I also want to take time to remember for myself as well because life can get really busy and cluttered with lots of other less important things. So, if you would, please share with me what you are doing this year to spiritually feed yourself and those around you with this time that we have been given. If you don’t have a plan, consider joining us in going through “The Easter Experience” together online.

This 6 Episode video series, “The Easter Experience,” is now free thanks to City On A Hill and uploaded to YouTube. It’s very well made and thought provoking for today’s audience even though it was produced a few years ago. I’m going through these 30 minute videos each day with my preteen children and talking about what we saw and heard and referencing it to the Bible. We already talked through Episode 1. Check it out at the link below.🤸🤸🤸 Just to have a more private discussion and to help pass the word, I am also doing the 6 day devotional on YouVersion. If you want to join us there and let’s together read the Bible passages and share what stood out to us there- please do join me! 💓

Would you read the bible plan, The Easter Experience, with me?

🎥🎞️Episode 1 (full video) by City On A Hill is here:

These kids matter so much to me. I try to teach them the things that are important. At this time of the year that means remembering Easter. I don’t want this to be a one day thing. So, what about you? What are you doing this year to keep spiritually fed during this time that we have been given? I’m curious to know. If you don’t have a plan yet, consider joining me in going through “The Easter Experience” each day for 6 days.

If you have younger children

If your children are even younger, you can go through these “Resurrection Eggs” 12 day journey videos by Teresa as a starting point instead.

Click here:

If you don’t have access to FB, I can upload these short videos into a blog so you can see them, just let me know if you need that. Thanks!

Don’t Forget

If you already have your own plans and traditions for Easter, would you share them with me? I’d really like to know how you stay engaged with the Lord during these times.

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