My first song and dance

I’m pretty sure these parents were focused on just TRANSPORTING their children to this Easter egg (candy) hunt – NOT also DANCING too! 🤣Yes, I expected even the “older ones” to move around with me (if they were able!) Relistening to this video now, I hear at least one ENTHUSIASTIC adult in the background who is ALL IN. I LOVE THAT. I wonder who that is??? I think I have an idea!!! ❤️❤️❤️ #goodtimes #JesusisLord #firsts #music ministry

I was asked to lead music for our Good News Club & Easter egg hunt this year … I’m so thankful that God keeps giving me opportunities to step out and grow. My husband was so shocked (but not surprised since he knows me) that I was up there that he took a video. I’m glad he did!! I hope that you will step out in faith and do whatever it is that God calls you to do too. Happy Easter!! This is the song by JANA ALAYRA called “He is God.”

Everyone has firsts and this was one of mine. This was recorded two Easter’s ago (2017) at Unity Baptist Church. I was asked to lead 2 songs to the church community and their guests since I was serving as the Music person for one of the #goodnewsclub schools, a ministry under the Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc. Volunteering each week for the GNC was also a first for me because before serving at Unity, I had never heard of the Good News Club (GNC). I had no idea that we could be invited into the schools to provide a weekly safe, fun, before/after school club opportunity for parents to drop off their elementary school aged children to participate in a club that shared about the Good News of Jesus. I loved that we were asked to bring this program into the schools year after year. I’m so glad I was able to share my love of God and music, which meant that my husband had to adjust his work schedule so that I could go each week.

I remember being nervous before going on but I didn’t want to show it. When you are on stage, you just got to forget about what you “look like” and just DO IT. I keep in mind that this is for the GLORY OF GOD even though I know maybe to some people I looked a bit crazy. I knew that God was with me and this song is so simple but packs a powerful truth- HE IS GOD. “He is God” is by Jana Alayra.

I’ve moved and currently live in South Korea; there are no GNC’s here. But last year, I wore my GNC shirt in tribute of one of the couples I served with at my last Good News Club school – the Zaborsky’s.

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