Small group gathering

Have you ever just wanted to gather with some friends, old and new, and have a time to just BE REAL with one another? I want that. I crave that a lot. Honest fellowship with other women as people coming together, without any masks (as best as we can) and just have a time of listening and sharing with one another after watching great content by a variety of speakers (and personalities) all sharing about JESUS. That is what this is. Well, that is what it has been for me. I’ve hosted this event called “IF:Gathering” twice now at different venues and in a few weeks, I am hosting it again for #IFGathering2020. Most people have never heard of IF:Gathering so I’ve written A LOT about my history with this ministry of which you can check out at the links below.

But maybe what you really want to know is, is this worth my time? Well, if you are still reading, perhaps it is. You can’t attend this event in Dallas, Texas, as it is sold-out. However, you can check the world map at to see if someone like me is hosting at their home, church or another place near you so you can attend. OR, you can even sign up to watch it on your own. I mean, YOU COULD do that, but what I REALLY LIKE about this opportunity is the chance to connect with other women IN PERSON and share.

Once you get over the awkwardness that most of us feel when doing something new or are next to someone you don’t know, there is an opportunity to hear something shared that resonates deep with you and you breathe this sigh of relief that is like, “oh yes, me too.” Or you get the answer to the prayer that you were praying (that was me back at my first experience with IF during the #IFGATHERING2017 back in Mechanicsville, VA) and you share with everyone you know to come with to the next session. (That also was me!! I’m still doing this today, years later! This is quality, Biblical content (this year’s focus is on Romans 8); I hope you can join in!)

So, here’s your chance to make plans to come. Or you can host, just like me, and invite your people to join in with you too! Please reach out if you have any questions. I am praying that God will lead those of you HE wants to attend with me here and that His Presence would be evident to us all in this place.

Register here (FB link)

Want to hear more about the non-profit organization called IF:Gathering from the founder herself? Click to listen to the audio podcast here by Jennie Allen published Jan 2020.

Read other blogs I’ve written about IF:Gathering here

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