Full Uncut Personal Interview|Cambodia 2019

Watch the conversation / interview with a friend asking ALL the questions she wanted about my time(s) in Cambodia on mission to share the gospel of Jesus. Watch the full video below. Questions asked are listed and timestamped below. I did end up sharing more fully about my time of difficulty from the Day 1 Cambodian Youth Conference end of the day review. We prayed that whatever we discussed would encourage someone out there to trust in God as He leads you. May God’s will be done. Please let me know how (if) this helps you by responding here or contacting me via social media or email. Thank you so much!

Thank you for interviewing me!! Great questions!

What was it really like in Cambodia for you?

00:00 Introduction & purpose of this video recording

1:20 Appreciation for doing the video. Reason why you were chosen. ‘I’m not a good friend’ comment.

3:25 Prayer that God would guide this time.

4:42 “How long have you been thinking about doing a missions trip before deciding to go to Cambodia?”

6:17 “What were your prayers? … What did you ask the Lord about specifically that you wanted to deliver to the people to accomplish while you were there?” How God provided.

11:48 “Do you think that they still have some… some teaching opportunities for them to still learn about the Word when you are not there?” Did what we offer make any kind of impact?

14:06 “Did you stay in contact with the people there? ”

14:20 “Are they continuing to learn and grow on their own?”

18:50 “The majority of the religions in Cambodia is …what?” Talked about persecution amongst the followers.

22:05 “If someone wanted to do this work and go over there, or to any country, would there be any risk to them to go there to a country that Christianity is not their religion?” How are missionaries, Christians viewed when they come to Cambodia.

23:38 “If someone wanted to be a Christian missionary, what would be the first thing that you would tell them, what advice would you give them?”

28:32 “If someone didn’t have the resources to go on these missions what could they still do to either support the missions or try and work/save to get to these countries?”

33:22 Sharing how I discovered what I really love to do.

35:51 “You got back here and got settled was there anything that you wish you would have said or done? “Do you feel like you fulfilled everything you set to do when you were there?”

40:35 – 42:53 Remember you are already here and God put you here. God wants all of you.

42:50 Personal lesson from God through adversity. What happened during and after.

56:57 My husband does not know God yet how am I able to do all the things that I am able to do?

HOPE about our future. I would love to be used to go to a place and help people grow.

God is doing so much. God is doing something in your life.

Please share what has encouraged you so I can know what is useful to share in the future.

2018 Cambodia summary video DFIC
Cambodia 2019 summary video!

More about Cambodia here: https://sejanashines.com/category/cambodia/

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