Cambodia for Christ កម្ពុជាសំរាប់ព្រះគ្រិស្ទ Song and Prayer Request

In a little over 2 weeks we will head out to Cambodia. This will be my second time there and I am so excited and thankful to be able to see those I saw before – but with their own age peers! My mission is to lead the Cambodian high school youth and their leaders there in praise and worship to the Lord Jesus in song. The challenge is that most of our songs will be in their native tongue, Khmer. Unfortunately, I do not know ANY words in their language! Even after my time there last year, I could not pick up anything (nor did I really try to be fully open with you). I see their letters and I hear their translating and I immediately dismissed it as ‘it’s too hard’ and so I relied heavily upon the few who knew English to translate for me.

I am told from the missionary there that 70% of the youth that are coming do NOT know English. So it is best that the songs we sing be in their heart language. I FULLY agree and understand that. So this is where my abilities and limitations end. I can learn the structure of the song, I can find and learn chords and I can get the tune, the dynamics of the song and the tempo…. but what I need prayer for is for our MINDS, our TONGUES, and all of our HEARTS to focus on and to not forget the ultimate reason why we are here.

Lord, please help me and my team (as well as the others who are coming to serve on this mission to Cambodia including the pastor and his wife) to do what you have called us to do. Help us to be confident in YOU that YOU will give us what we need to do YOUR work. Lord I pray that YOU would open our minds and our tongues to this language, Khmer, and that YOU would help us in singing praises and glory to you, even in a language we do not know. God I ask even that when we sing songs in English (or Khmer) that EVERYONE would be united as One in YOU. I pray God that language will NOT HINDER any aspect of knowing you and choosing to trust in you and follow you with every area of our lives. I pray this for each person who participates in this mission trip or attends this youth conference in Battambang, Cambodia next month. Lord thank you that we are able to go and do this from Daegu (or Pyeongtaek), South Korea- I do not take for granted that we are each able to go and serve in this way. God I thank you.

Playing “Cambodia For Christ” in Khmer and English… can you understand me?

Please let us know if you pray for us. If you’d like to stay in touch along the way, I should be able to post updates in my Facebook page “Sejana” or on Instagram under “SejanaShines.” I may or may not be able to post updates on my blog from Cambodia, but we shall see.

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