Daegu Middle High School New Student Orientation

Many friends missed the Daegu Middle High School (DMHS) new student orientation last week located on Camp Walker, USAG Daegu, Area IV in South Korea. A lot of great information was shared by the long time Principal, Mr. Grade, followed by a school tour by one of the rising Seniors. The 2019 / 2020 School Year starts Monday, 26 August, 2019. If you have questions, please contact the school staff for official answers. (Scroll to the end to see the August CIG briefing replay from USAG Daegu and applicable school slides.)

Official contact Information for Daegu Middle High School (DMHS)

DSN:  763-6108/ 6109

COM:  05033-63-6108 /6109

From the US:  011-82-503-363-6108 /6109



Official contact Information for Daegu Elementary School (DES)

DSN:  768-9501

COM:  050-3368-9501

From the US:  011-82-503-470-9501



This blog post’s purpose is to give you an idea of what was put out to the public to the DMHS Middle school new student orientation. I remember looking around for information about this time last year as we were due to arrive in Korea AFTER school started, unfortunately. Read about our first day last year here! What I will share with you, in case you are relocating here to Daegu, South Korea this year with school-aged children is that both DMHS and Daegu Elementary School (DES) (located on Camp George) did and does a FANTASTIC job of giving your family time and space to adjust to things here. They know that you have a lot going on and your things probably aren’t even in country yet!! The staff is very familiar with the tempo of our military community and definitely take it into consideration during late newcomer enrollment and due dates for assignments and tests.

One thing I really appreciated at DMHS last year was the “buddy” assigned to my son when he was entering 6th grade at his new school (DMHS). That classmate that showed him around and sat with him during lunch helped him to get off on a great start (especially coming from being Homeschooled in the States previously) and they even sat together as friends by choice for the rest of the school year. So, if that is a concern for you, don’t be afraid to ask questions and speak to the counselor there to ask for a school tour if you will be starting school later, as we did last year.

Important (public) documents

(Remember to contact the school directly for new materials, documents, and official answers. These are simply the things I would share with my friends who missed the orientation.)

Comments about DMHS (Middle School)

The typical daily schedule at DMHS consists of A/B classes. 4 classes during the “A” day; 4 classes during the “B” day. Monday Warrior schedule will go through every single class (“A” and “B” classes during that day). Classes are 85 min long. Classes dismiss at 3pm except Tuesday’s are 2pm dismissal (with an adjusted class time). Typically, the High School (HS) and the Middle School (MS) lunches are separated. During a typical A/B day schedule, MS lunch is from 12:05-12:35 (30 minutes) while HS lunch is from 11:30-12:00. This school year breakfast is also offered as well. There are 4 microwaves on site for students to use during their meal times.

6th Graders:

Required classes: Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science. Advisory. Other classes: Art AB, Computer Apps A, Intro Programming A, Physical Education / Health Year long classes: Beginning Band, Intermediate Band – by audition only, String Ensemble, Avid, ESL

7th Graders:

Required classes: Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics or Accelerated Math, Science, Seminar/Advisory. Electives (semester long): Art, Computer Apps, Physical Education, Business Enterprise, Applied Tech, Environmental Studies Electives (year long): Beginning Band, Intermediate Band (by audition only), Beginning Strings, Intermediate Strings (by audition only), Avid, ESL

Again, if you have ANY questions, please contact the school! They can point you in the right direction and tell you which courses are still available to those with late enrollment.

21st CENTURY BUILDING School with each middle school grade having their own Neighborhood and Learning Hub. There are no walls. (This was one of the first things I heard when we moved here last year. It has been an adjustment for many teachers facilitators and students. I think the point is to increase communication, collaboration with one another and in teams and also to make it easier to think about and interact with different subject areas to solve problems. I think those are the goals with this… you will have to see how it goes and keep lines of communication open with your child and their facilitators (and the staff, if needed).

Photos of the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Neighborhoods (no walls classrooms)

“Educate and engage military connected students.” “Excellence in Education for every student, every day, everywhere.” “Go Warriors. Trust. Respect. Responsibility.”

There is a monthly Community Information Gathering (CIG) where you can tune in to find out what is happening in our community. Follow USAG Daegu on Facebook to keep abreast of the next meeting.

These slides below were posted online by USAG Daegu and I’ve just uploaded the ones that apply to our schools (minus the sports slides, EDIS, and test date slides). Find ALL of these photos/ slides here AND even tune into the recorded briefing to hear for yourself what each school principal and the School Transportation Officer (STO) had to say about this upcoming school year!

August CIG posted by USAG Daegu

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