Secret Church 19 hosting in South Korea

It’s time. I couldn’t get this year’s topic out of my mind. “Prayer, Fasting, and the Pursuit of God” is the topic for this year’s Secret Church 19. I signed up to host, even though they just recorded the simulcast less than a week ago and I could probably look online for quotes… but I want to hear it all myself, pray more for myself and others and begin this discipline of fasting that I know God is calling me towards this season.


How did Secret Church begin?


This will be my third Secret Church. Last year, #secretchurch18 the topic was Cults and Counterfeits. It was GREAT and so applicable because God was showing me just how there are indeed many who call on His name but they are not His. What a sad reality that really is…

That content is here:

If you are local, consider joining me.

If not, pray for me and whoever God brings to join to find Him in this place.

Next on Secret Church, I hope to share a summary of key things I learned from last year. But that will probably not happen with all the other things I have going on so instead I hope to share some thoughts from this year’s topic after I watch it this Friday. If I don’t post anything, please ask me about it! !! We all need someone who can hold us accountable! I do want to post more but my content doesn’t seem to make it past the ‘scribble many notes everywhere when inspiration hits’ stage – if you know what I mean. Thanks…

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