Happy Birthday as you serve

I needed to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to a man who continues to serve. I didn’t realize his birthday was today, the day after he left with a newly formed team to go to the Philippines from South Korea to share about the love and hope of Jesus to over 600 children there in two cities. He turned 68 today. Sixty-eight. The youngest of their team turned 14 the day they left. She went on her first missions trip the same time I did, last December to Cambodia, with the same Pastor.

It was then that I really got to know Jerry Golden and the rest of the team for that matter. I was the new one coming as a person that wanted to serve but didn’t attend their church. It was only when we were there before those children that I began to feel like a Team united by Holy Spirit as only He can do.

Pastor got sick during that trip but He daily did his best and, thankfully, he did get much better. He also carried his insulin shots there on a plane, on the boats over a giant block of ice, and to the river cities and back without complaint. In fact, I had no idea of this until midway through our time there. Pastor Golden sincerely wanted to share the gospel of Jesus and be there to disciple and encourage the missionaries there that faithfully loved and served the Cambodian people that they built relationships with over the past couple of years.

Those missionaries have had birthdays too- Joyner and her mom. Each year, God continues to provide for them and give them opportunities to respond to.

I thank each of you for serving as you are able. I just needed to say this tonight. Thank you.

May God bless you and give you favor and energy and His power to accomplish the tasks He has for you in the Philippines this week (or for my other new friends- in Cambodia this week). I thank you for how you serve the Lord and others with your life. Right now you are showing through your actions how to look beyond your own comfort and safety. I pray that this experience will spark in each of your team members a desire to continue to go wherever God leads and however He leads as my time serving with you and the team in Cambodia has marked me. I’m on a whole new level now. My appreciation and respect for those like Joyner and her mom all around the world who joyfully serve in the places that God calls them to is deepened because God used your missions trip to open my eyes to what He has already been doing. Thank you.

I thank each of you. Thank you for simply being obedient and responsive to God’s call on your life. We each have a part and I’m happy to have served alongside each of you and been a part of it.

P.S. I am reminded that I have not wrapped up my time in Cambodia on my blog. I still have that plus my interview with Joyner to publish. One day it will come! I haven’t forgotten!

More on Cambodia here https://sejanashines.com/category/cambodia/

The above video was recorded on January 13, 2019, at Daegu Faith International Church after returning from my first missions trip to Cambodia.

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