#ifgathering2019 last day summary

The theme of wisdom from the book of Proverbs brought a wide variety of speakers who talked on content ranging from living wisely, trust, friendships, disappointments, self-discipline and more when tuning into the #ifgathering2019 live stream sessions.  This final blog on this gathering for the year includes my own summary for each speaker’s topic. Why? I hope it can help you easily find the sessions that may offer wisdom for you in this season of your life.  Hurry though, because without the relive pass that gives you access to these sessions for the entire year, your time to watch will be over in a few hours.

This has been my third time watching #ifgathering and also this is my second time hosting.  I recorded a few final thoughts in a video (below) but once again, I’ve enjoyed my time of partnering with IF:Gathering to help disciple this generation to be Truth and Light bearers wherever God places us. To the IF:Gathering team – working alongside you all each year just keeps getting “better-er and better-er” πŸ˜‰! Thank you for what you all do!!

Time is ticking on free access to #ifgathering2019! Access to all 3 sessions ends on Monday 11:59pm CT (or here in Seoul, South Korea it will be Tuesday 2:59pm). There are only a few hours left! (Unless you purchased the RELIVE pass or if you were the host that paid the licensing fee – you have access to these talks for 1 year! I’m excited about that!)

Since I’m a HUGE FAN of free… And also because deadlines motivate me to get it going (I’m a bit of a procrastinator, I confess. πŸ˜« I worked hard building that habit all throughout school! Go me!! πŸ€ͺ NOT) If you’re crunched on time please scroll through and see which summary catches your attention and tune in there first!  

Timestamp IF:2019 click here (while you can) to watch these sessions! http://www.ifgathering.com (top left click on “access all livestreams” choose ASL session 1, 2, or 3 and scroll over to the time that you want.)


Pre-Session from the IF Local Studios β€“ 0:12:51 – 0:19:32

Spoken Word β€“ 0:28:42 – 0:33:17 Jesus from beginning to the end

Prayer β€“ 0:33:17 – 0:37:26 prayer from God’s people

Worship β€“ 0:37:27 – 1:01:24

Holy Spirit β€“ 0:37:27 – 0:43:37

Made A Way/Tis So Sweet Medley β€“ 0:43:38 – 0:51:29

In Every Way β€“ 0:51:30 – 0:57:47

Build My Life β€“ 0:57:48 – 1:00:38

Prayer – 1:00:39 – 1:01:24

Scripture Reading β€“ 1:01:43 – 1:03:22

Jennie Allen β€“ 1:03:23 – 1:31:04 fear God. God says stay right here with me even though…

Worship β€“ 1:31:05 – 1:37:45

So Will I β€“ 1:30:05 – 1:37:45

Testimonials β€“ 1:37:46 – 2:01:51 masturbation. disappointments. healing through food.

Video β€“ 2:01:52 – 2:08:55

Jada Edwards β€“ 2:08:56 – 2:32:57 hard to trust. Trust in God.

Announcements β€“ 2:32:58 – 2:35:30

Video β€“ 2:35:31 – 2:37:14

Conversation Cards and Break β€“ 2:37:15 – 2:58:20

Video β€“ 2:58:21 – 3:00:20 start here to watch 14 year old’s interview Elena Pitts

Conversation β€“ 3:00:21 – 3:17:45 legacy lives on

Song: Rescue/Mighty to Save β€“ 3:17:46 –  3:23:05

Ann Voskamp β€“ 3:23:06 – 3:38:10 waves

Christine Caine β€“ 3:38:11 – 4:18:23 we are carriers of Jesus, much like Mary. Are we willing to look foolish like others did?

Worship β€“ 4:18:24 – 4:25:25

Surrounded β€“ 4:18:24 – 4:21:18

You Keep Hope Alive β€“ 4:21:19 – 4:25:25

Post-Session from the IF Local Studios β€“ 4:25:26 – 4:33:34


Pre-Session from the IF Local Studios β€“ 0:14:16 – 0:24:43 can you believe that out of the 2033 host sites in 22 countries that they would give a shout out to SOUTH KOREA with a photo of me!?!?! YAY! Thanks for a friend in the states who took a photo and told me! Otherwise I would never have known!! WOW!!

Session 2 about 15 minutes in! WOW!!!

Welcome β€“ 0:29:59 – 0:40:36

Worship – 0:40:37 – 0:56:36

Who You Say I Am β€“ 0:41:51 – 0:47:03

In Every Way β€“ 0:47:04 – 0:52:00

Lord I Need You β€“ 0:52:01 -0:56:36

Scripture Reading β€“ 0:56:37 – 0:57:42

Jo Saxton β€“ 0:57:43 – 1:12:46  guarding our heart

Rebekah Lyons β€“ 1:12:47 – 1:23:40  Who can I trust?

Jeff Bethke β€“ 1:23:41 – 1:35:37 chase after wisdom 

Latasha Morrison β€“ 1:35:38 – 1:48:22 empathy / sympathy / indifference

Conversation Cards and Break β€“ 1:48:23 – 2:05:11

Video β€“ 2:05:12 – 2:08:16

Anita Carman β€“ 2:08:17 – 2:19:59 If I only had 10 minutes to live…

Panel β€“ 2:20:00 – 2:41:06  self-discipline and what it looks like in our day 2 day

Video β€“ 2:41:07 – 2:47:12

Conversation β€“ 2:47:13 – 3:10:30 the brain and community sharing

Angie Smith β€“ 3:10:31 – 3:27:03 picket sign Christianity- is it helping?

Worship – 3:27:04 – 3:39:09

Everything Is Mine in You β€“ 3:27:04 – 3:32:50

Do It Again β€“ 3:32:51 – 3:39:09

Post-Session from the IF Local Studios β€“ 3:39:10 – 3:54:57


Pre-Session from the IF Local Studios β€“ 0:12:03 – 0:26:24

Worship – 0:26:25 – 0:38:09

Great Are You Lord β€“ 0:26:25 – 0:33:07

You Keep Hope Alive β€“ 0:33:08 – 0:38:09

Scripture Reading β€“ 0:38:10 – 0:39:02

Annie Downs β€“ 0:39:03 – 0:49:35 Breaking up well; the gift of friends

Jessica Kim β€“ 0:49:36 – 1:03:22 loneliness. where you look is where you will go.

Margaret Feinberg β€“ 1:03:23 – 1:14:55 stay in the game. power of our words.

Christa Sharpe β€“ 1:14:56 – 1:39:58 what do I pass on to others?

Video β€“ 1:39:59 – 1:43:42 legacy of change

Conversation- 1:43:43 -2:00:30 justice and restoration

Song: All That Is to Come β€“ 2:00:31 β€“ 2:04:40

Conversation Cards β€“ 2:04:46 – 2:27:53

Vivian Mabuni β€“ 2:27:54 – 2:47:36 spiritual multiplication. “Because of…”

Jill Briscoe β€“ 2:47:37 – 3:32:07 where did you lose your edge?

Video β€“ 3:32:07 – 3:39:01

Bianca Olthoff β€“ 3:39:02 – 4:00:24 know your enemy, know your defense, legacy matters

Worship – 4:00:25 – 4:03:49

Spirit Break Out β€“ 4:00:25 – 4:03:49

Jennie Allen β€“ 4:03:50 – 4:09:53 The answer is Jesus

Closing Prayer β€“ 4:03:54 – 4:11:05

Post-Session from the IF Local Studios β€“ 4:11:06 – 4:14:54

Download the attendee guide so you can have each speaker’s biography information here at  www.ifattendeeguide.com.

Like I said in previous posts, what I APPRECIATE and admire about IF:Gathering is how they easily share resources for the purpose of equipping the body (YOU) to go out and do what God has called you (us) all to do right where you are! Here is the link for a copy of all the Conversation Cards, the worship playlist and more! Now that you’ve taken part, take a look at how they prepare you! https://www.ifgathering.com/if-local-tools/new-iflocal-tools-and-key-resources/ There are a whole lot more resources available just take a look around at their site http://www.ifgathering.com .

Download the What’s Next guide here! https://www.ifgathering.com/what-now-guide/

Mark your calendar for the NEXT #ifgathering2020! Pray now about how God will use you to reach your community and/or even this world through your everyday acts of self-control and wisdom.

Who’s hosting #ifgathering2020 ???

Local people: Stay tuned for an invitation to attend an IF:Table in my home for those local to me. I just LOVE the conversations that were had here and I will pray about seeing if that is what God wants me to do next. I don’t know yet but it is a GREAT format and an easy way to build relationships and encourage spiritual growth through community. If you’re not local or you want to know more about IF:Table- well here’s an introductory video for you here at https://www.ifgathering.com/host-if-table/.

Final thoughts in hosting #ifgathering…

Video will be uploaded soon! I need to get out these timestamps to you now before it’s too late!!!

Read more on IF:Gathering here at https://sejanashines.com/category/ifgathering/

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