#ifgathering2019 Session 2 or 3

Um, I think you messed up on that title. It says “#ifgathering2019 Session 2 or 3.” Well you are correct. Yes, it does say that. But I didn’t mess up. “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand.” (Proverbs 19:21 ESVSo what had happened was… I had a well crafted plan that I thought would work for everyone being that we are here in South Korea (at IF:Daegu_Anjirang) and just could not do the typical Friday pm Session 1 and all day Saturday for Session 2 & 3 here like they did in the United States because well, we are AHEAD in time here so that interferes with church and I wasn’t about to do that! Many ladies I know serve within their church communities. If I planned that, no one would come. So, I planned out one session a day. Session 1 was the first day and logically, today would be Session 2. Weeeeeeeeeeeelllllll, my prayer WAS that #Godswillbedone when I posted on social media that my Tater Tot Casserole was about to go into the oven.

Well things were going smoothly. My family said the casserole was yummy. We started things on time. I prayed to begin. I press play on my computer, confident that all was well because let’s face it, yesterday, all WENT well. And well, you guessed it. It did not go well. LOL. I mean, it DID, but not the way I thought it would go. “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand.” (Proverbs 19:21 ESV) You know what is kinda funny about this? #Ifgathering2019 was about the wisdom book of Proverbs. And here is another one for ya: “The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.” (Proverbs 16:9)

You still have time to TUNE IN! Click here to watch now! https://www.ifgathering.com/ Click on ACCESS ALL LIVESTREAMS AND SESSIONS on the top LEFT of your screen on your computer or mobile device to see the different sessions! It looks like the website with all of the sessions are UP AND RUNNING NOW! SO, try, try again to watch the sessions while they are available and free! (The link will only be available with the purchase of a RELIVE pass after Monday 11:59pmCT.)

So, for us- meaning those ladies who got up, got dressed and headed on over to my house for a 9am start on a Sunday morning, we got to experience first hand what the Lord directing our steps looked like. It wasn’t bad not having the recorded live stream NOT work when we were all settled in and ready for it TO work. I mean, I didn’t panic. I really didn’t. I felt like, well, I guess this gives us time to get to know one another more first. So I said, “how about we go around and would you say your name and why you are here? What made you actually come on over here this morning? What do you hope to get from this time?” To that we heard a lot of different answers. And then, since it STILL didn’t work (by the way as everyone is going around I’m doing all of the troubleshooting that I can think of. BELIEVE ME I’m married to a former IT (information technology) guy who constantly gets on me about minor issues that I have come to him with and they were “easy quick fixes.” So, I KNOW what to do and I did them all- several times!! (I don’t even want to list them here now – I need to go to bed, my last hosting event is bright and early at 9am again in the morning!) The next round of questions then was something like……………….”How about you share where you are at with Jesus? You may not have a relationship with Him at all or maybe you do… tell us something about where you are if you’d like.” By the time that was done, the ladies had taken their time answering this question (and the other one too) to which I appreciated getting to know each of them even more (that is, when I wasn’t completely engrossed in reading various helps or emailing tech support). After that, I did go into the back room and tried to ask my spouse for help but even on his laptop, the same thing was happening, (the video would stop after only a few minutes into it even though it did end up playing on my mini-iPad but I didn’t have a TV adapter for that) and so I decided to go back into the living room to try, try again! (I knew he didn’t want to go out into a living room full of women that he didn’t know. Actually even if he DID know them he definitely wouldn’t want to go out there. LOL Plus, I wasn’t ready to unplug and give HIM my laptop which would completely take away any chances of us watching it as he was in another room.) And so, after a little while of trying even more (and praying silently)- it looked like Session 3 (not Session 2 mind you- but THREE) of the American Sign Language live stream recording was able to play. OH THANK THE GOOD LORD!!! THANK YOU LORD!

And we were off!!! Only an hour later than I had planned but within that time I was reminded (maybe we all were reminded) that the LORD was in charge, not me. Even when I thought I had it all together, (which compared to yesterday I really did- it was all set up and good to go that morning – or so I thought) God reminded me that I was the one who said #godswillbedone. Remember when you added that hashtag, Sejana? Yeah. Yeah, you remember.

ifgathering2017I thought, just like Session 1, Session 3 of #ifgathering2019 was absolutely great. I am so thankful for the team at #ifgathering. God worked through them this year in a mighty way, as they have done each year since I’ve first heard of and taken part in IF:Gathering back for the #ifgathering2017 hosted by IF:Mechanicsville in Virgina.

Please pray for the ladies who are coming here to my home tomorrow morning. In fact, in less than 12 hours, we will be well underway… or we SHOULD be, God willing well into the session viewing. We shall see! And I’m still praying about if we should watch Session 3 or Session 2 (the one I haven’t seen yet)!!

So, here are the timestamps for Sessions 2 and 3 for those that need it. (By the way, one thing I LOVE about this organization is how they equip you with everything!!! Check it out here! Why do they do that? So YOU can focus on gathering the people, having the conversations and inviting (and trusting) Holy Spirit to be with you and even intervene through technology to steer you in the way He wants you all to go if need be.🤣)


Pre-Session from the IF Local Studios – 0:14:16 – 0:24:43
Welcome – 0:29:59 – 0:40:36

Worship – 0:40:37 – 0:56:36

Who You Say I Am – 0:41:51 – 0:47:03
In Every Way – 0:47:04 – 0:52:00
Lord I Need You – 0:52:01 -0:56:36

Scripture Reading – 0:56:37 – 0:57:42
Jo Saxton – 0:57:43 – 1:12:46
Rebekah Lyons – 1:12:47 – 1:23:40
Jeff Bethke – 1:23:41 – 1:35:37
Latasha Morrison – 1:35:38 – 1:48:22
Conversation Cards and Break – 1:48:23 – 2:05:11

Video – 2:05:12 – 2:08:16
Anita Carman – 2:08:17 – 2:19:59
Panel – 2:20:00 – 2:41:06
Video – 2:41:07 – 2:47:12
Conversation – 2:47:13 – 3:10:30
Angie Smith – 3:10:31 – 3:27:03

Worship – 3:27:04 – 3:39:09

Everything Is Mine in You – 3:27:04 – 3:32:50
Do It Again – 3:32:51 – 3:39:09

Post-Session from the IF Local Studios – 3:39:10 – 3:54:57


Pre-Session from the IF Local Studios – 0:12:03 – 0:26:24
Worship – 0:26:25 – 0:38:09

Great Are You Lord – 0:26:25 – 0:33:07
You Keep Hope Alive – 0:33:08 – 0:38:09

Scripture Reading – 0:38:10 – 0:39:02
Annie Downs – 0:39:03 – 0:49:35
Jessica Kim – 0:49:36 – 1:03:22
Margaret Feinberg – 1:03:23 – 1:14:55
Christa Sharpe – 1:14:56 – 1:39:58
Video – 1:39:59 – 1:43:42
Conversation- 1:43:43 -2:00:30
Song: All That Is to Come – 
2:00:31 – 2:04:40

Conversation Cards – 2:04:46 – 2:27:53

Vivian Mabuni – 2:27:54 – 2:47:36
Jill Briscoe – 2:47:37 – 3:32:07
Video – 3:32:07 – 3:39:01
Bianca Olthoff – 3:39:02 – 4:00:24

Worship – 4:00:25 – 4:03:49

Spirit Break Out – 4:00:25 – 4:03:49

Jennie Allen – 4:03:50 – 4:09:53

Closing Prayer – 4:03:54 – 4:11:05
Post-Session from the IF Local Studios – 4:11:06 – 4:14:54


Read more on IF:Gathering here at https://sejanashines.com/category/ifgathering/

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