Join me as I go live to share about Cambodia, book review & birthday song

*Date change!* Well the time is almost here. In less than 24 hours, I will go live at to share about my time in my first missions trip to Cambodia.  Please pray that during this time I would say only what God wants me to say and that anyone who tunes in live or watches the recording later would respond in obedience to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, however and wherever God would lead them to go or to do.

As I continue to prepare mentally for this time (yes… as of typing this I do not yet have my slides created STILL for this event! #confession #procrastinator) I ask that you would do two things: 1. please, please pray for me! and 2. set your alarms and mark your calendar to join me. I love feedback and if the technology works as it should, I hope to respond quickly (on camera) to your questions so it can be a little interactive as well.

Here is the link to quickly calculate MY time to YOUR time. I plan to begin at South Korean time 12:00pm on Saturday 12 January, but for those who live in the United States, you need to tune in on Friday evening, 11 January. So, it’s best to use this handy tool so you can easily know when to tune in at the Facebook link above!

Click here for the time/date calculator. Click on “Change your location” (see photo) to adjust the time zone to YOUR time zone.


Enjoy these videos about Cambodia posted on my YouTube page:

Birthday song:

Spanish, Korean, Khmer (Kuhmai), and English singing of Happy Birthday to my daughter for her 10th birthday. I was not able to be there because I was on my first missions trip to Cambodia. I was able to record this and send it to her the morning of her birthday. Thankful for technology. I know she wasn’t excited about me not being there for her birthday … I know she was in good hands with her dad and her brother but most importantly, Jesus Christ, the One who knew about her even before we even had a thought (Please read Ephesians 1:3-14)! He loves her (and also YOU) so very much! Happy Birthday!

Book review:

National bestseller, “First They Killed My Father: a daughter of Cambodia remembers” by Loung Ung is briefly summarized by my son. I wanted to borrow this book that he chose to read after my first missions trip to Cambodia to show during my livestream tomorrow but as he started to explain what the book was about I seized the moment and pressed the record button.

Read more about Cambodia here:

Don’t forget!

  1. Pray
  2. Set your calendar and join me in LESS than 24 hours!!

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