The Poor and the Grateful

The Poor and the Grateful ***originally published on Facebook Notes but copied and rehomed here***
I have had a lot of things happen to me, especially recently, it seems. I meant to type them out to share with you – but time runs away from me. I figure while I have asked for your ongoing specific prayers for the salvation of my “unnamed” person until 22 May (2 weeks)- I would like to try and make time to share with you some of what God has been showing me lately during this time. This way, you will be reminded that I have not forgotten about my request for you to join me in fervent prayer for my “unnamed” person’s changed heart towards Jesus Christ. Thank you again for your support. – Sejana

On the boardwalk…

Last month, in April 2016, we went on a 4 day/3 night “time share” trip where they refunded our lodging costs if we would attend a “2 hour” briefing in South Carolina. During our trip, one night we decided to check out the Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach. If you haven’t been there it’s a man-made lake with big businesses all around it joined by a boardwalk that goes all around it. We decided to check it out one evening but got there with only 30 minutes till most of the stores shut down. My son was first to notice that there was fish in the lake. In fact there were giant carp congregating under the food (pellet) vending machines placed all along the boardwalk. As usual, we refused to give the kids money for this (1. We had no change on us and 2. They have their own money which we are trying hard to have them use so they will learn important life lessons. But really, we had no coins on us so they were out of luck. LOL.) As we slowly walked the boardwalk, they began to check the machines and pick

Searching for free pellets.

up pellets from the ground like scavengers in order to toss them down to the greedy fish. At first I thought it was cute- feeding the fish. They seemed so hungry. But then we came up to an area where a large group of these fish had just been fed by a family who gave their kid a coin and so this family had lots of pellets to throw. These fish swarmed all over each other opening their huge mouths gulping and thrashing at anything in hopes that food would drop in. It was a gross nasty sound that went on for a few short seconds. I noticed how the other fish, not in the immediate pile of fish within a child’s arm throw, was out on the perimeter waiting. They probably didn’t get any. However, they seemed rather large too. Anyway, as strangers walked by pointing at our kids who were happily digging through the cracks in the boardwalk for leftover pellets I noticed my husband looking embarrassed and annoyed. He does not like the idea of being “poor” or feeling poor. Actually, when we found out how much all the rides and attractions were we immediately decided that this was not for us. There is no way that we can pay good money for these things. After a while of walking, my 7 year old daughter began to complain. She whined, “Why did we come here?” and “When are we doing to go on a ride or do anything other than WALKING?!?” I had to give her yet another talk about being content. And about how we are not going to be able to do what you see everybody else doing lecture. ………….. What my kids were doing- scrounging for free pellets to feed some over-fed fish- because we didn’t give them any money and because we did not pay for a ride is not the poor that most folks know of nor anywhere close to it. The people in my dream who woke me in my sleep later in our trip- those people were poor. Really poor.

Here is a part of that dream:

April 18th, 2016, late at night in Surfside Beach, South Carolina. I awoke from a dream, got up and went to the bathroom (we were in a hotel on vacation) to write down what I could remember so I wouldn’t forget. How quickly I forget. What woke me was the face of the probably 3 or 5 year old dirty, young girl (straight, dirty dark brown hair with soot all over her body) as she turned her body towards me. I noticed her before she turned because she was straddling a crying, dirty baby in a diaper. They were in the middle of the road area. There was dirt and grime everywhere so it wasn’t a weird thing that they were both dirty. It was that she was unclothed and sitting on top of this baby that caught my attention. What was she doing? I noticed them because I was thinking, “What in the world is going on here?” (Mostly because she didn’t have any clothes on. It’s telling what I am quick to pay attention to. Looking back, I notice that it wasn’t because there were these two young people in the middle of the area with no caregivers in sight that caught my attention but rather it was the “inappropriate” behaviors of the girl that caught my eye.) Anyway, when the girl turned her head and body to the side, I could see what she was doing to the baby. She was attempting to hold the maybe 9-month old baby’s head up to draw the baby’s head towards her chest. I saw that from her chest was watery liquid coming from her body. I woke up in a start when I realized this dirty girl WAS TRYING HER BEST TO FEED THIS CRYING BABY.
scribbled notes from dream (pg. 2/3)
I know that is weird. That is really weird. That woke me right on up. It was so sad the more I thought about it in the bathroom feverishly trying to write down what all I remembered. (I do not make a habit of doing this because I don’t typically have dreams like this.) There was more to my dream than this but the realization of what was happening woke me right on up. (This was at the time that there were many dead from the earthquake in Honduras (and before that in Japan) and also the floods in Houston, Texas.) Do you know that there are people- there are many people- in our world who have nothing? They have nothing to eat. They may have no clean water. There is no one to provide for them. No one to protect them. They are just out there on the streets doing the best that they can to survive. It can be from the results of a natural disaster or from manmade disasters like war or systematic abuse. And we- and I- see it (on the news or in person) and I may be moved for a moment but then I pass right on by. I go on with my life and then whatever emotion I may have felt is then quickly forgotten. How quickly I forget. There is so much that goes on in my day. But this is different. I choose to make it different. I have NOT forgotten this dream nor the reminder that there are many forgotten and unseen people in our midst. God help me to see them and, most importantly, God please change my heart to DO something. Do Something by Matthew West Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson

Going back to that day on the Boardwalk…

son ‘getting to’ clean the windows for the first time
As we drove home from walking around the Broadway in Myrtle Beach, we stopped for gas and dad showed our son how to clean the windows. (Since then, I noticed our son happily jumping out the car to do the windows- without being asked!) We ended up getting pizza that night and the manager offered us a free pepperoni pizza since they were closing up for the day. Say wha????
FREE PIZZA??? You don’t have to ask ME twice!! Yea!!!
God, you bless us so abundantly every single day when you wake us up each morning with a new opportunity to turn to you in thankfulness and praise. Please God help me not to be too content and comfortable with my blessed life but that you would show me who and where I can pass your love you have graciously given me and my family on to others. – It is in your son Jesus’s name that I can even come to you with what little I have. I thank you for everything. Amen.
Please don’t forget to join me in prayer for my “unnamed” person until 22 May. Let me know after you have prayed for encouragement, if you choose to join me in this. Thank you again.

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