A short prayer at village #1

I’d like to share this short prayer with you (on the video) as we prepare for our final session of the day…(begins in 15 minutes) Please pray that the team has renewed energy for this group of excited children who comes early and waits outside for over 30 minutes to get inside. Each moment we have with those who travel to come here is special. We are all thankful for this opportunity to share the light and true story of Jesus in this way. #godswillbedone

Update: Thank you for praying for us! The girls wanted to touch my hair at the end and they laughed when they did. Lol. It was good. I knew you were praying and I believe that God knit hearts together in this place today! Thank you for praying.

You can read all the blogs about Cambodia here: https://sejanashines.com/category/cambodia/

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