Let’s Be Fluent In Daegu (Korean and English) – Join us!

You’re here for a year or two or three and you don’t communicate Korean as well as you’d like with those around you. Do you wish you could meet friendly native Korean speakers who want to help you learn and practice Korean (and then you could help them learn English)? What if you don’t know ANY Korean at all and feel very silly and awkward trying it out in public but really want to learn? Or, what if you have a somewhat proficient level of Korean but desire to improve your conversational skills in Korean? Do you want to have a safe place to ask about or try out some common phrases or ask cultural questions in their language? What if you are just looking for Korean speaking friends and speak English? 

This may be the group for you!!!

Are you a native English speaker or a foreigner who speaks English and want to help Koreans improve their conversational English?  English is taught in schools but practicing what they have learned from their studies with a native English speaker is quite a treat and can be very helpful! Can you share your language (English) and possibly even your culture with those who come (as we discuss various topics each week)? You do not have to have a college major in English in order to come and participate in this group. Everyone is invited to come and try it out!  You can be the studious type that has a personal fascination with languages or you can be a person who just enjoys meeting friends and sharing your English/Korean language and cultures with other people.

This was posted after our very first visit! All of the participant’s faces are blocked when posted on the FB group page for privacy. You can see everyone was studying pretty hard in these photos but we also have a lot of fun too!

How it works:

  1. Join the Facebook group called “Let’s Be Fluent In Daegu (Korean and English)” located here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1921495314845186/ If you do not use FB but are interested in coming please contact Junho (the creator of this group) at Kakao ID “JUDE1213.” He can give you the details to attend, however, the best way to find out more about the group is through FB.
  2. RSVP for the event when you know you plan to attend. Typically a new event is posted for each week the Monday of that week. Later in the week, a plan will be posted of an English & Korean worksheet that you can review beforehand if you want to prepare in advance (not necessary but up to you). Or, you can prepare your own topics as well.
  3. Show up on time for the event. We meet Saturdays from 11am-1pm at a cafe with parking and accessible by public transportation. We are divided into groups based on language ability and number of people who come. At times we have had one-on-one time and other times we talk together in small groups.  My family has attended regularly since 6 October 2018. We have gotten to know those who also come regularly and my husband and I have learned a lot from each of them. My children (Korean ages 10 & 11) have enjoyed playing games with the other Korean children who have been able to come. (They are shy with speaking to each other but the games do help to break the ice!) Many of the Koreans who speak English seem proficient in their English to me – but many do not feel confident in their English speaking skills. This is why it is helpful for them is to have an English speaking person who can listen to them and gently correct any awkward phrases they may use. Since we do meet at a cafe space each week, it is courteous to also purchase something there at the cafe, but it is not required in order to come. The space and this group is completely free. 
  4. Enjoy your time and share your experiences with the group! I have enjoyed this group so much that I wanted to help pass the word about this opportunity by writing this blog. Please share about this group if you know any English or Korean speakers who would like to participate! Thank you so much!

I know of many native English speakers who are here in Korea that want to learn Korean because they pay to attend Korean classes off-post at an University or at a language school. Some attend the free basic Korean language class that they offer on Tuesday afternoon and evening at the Area IV, USAG Daegu, Camp Walker CAC (Community Activities Center) like we did when we first moved here. (Check it out!!) However, if you want something a little more tailored to your level of Korean abilities, and also free, this “Let’s Be Fluent in Daegu (Korean and English)” group may be for you. 

Nice to meet you! 반갑습니다!

Meet Junho – the humble founder of this “Let’s Be Fluent in Daegu (Korean and English)” group.

“반갑습니다!! 언어 공부할때 가장힘든점은 지속적인 동기 부여인것 같아요. 공부도 하고 친구도 만들수있고 서로 동기부여 할수 있는 좋은 모임입니다. 많은 참여 부탁드려요”

I “cornered” the founder of the “Let’s Be Fluent in Daegu (Korean and English) group on Facebook, Junho, with the idea of doing a “interview” style video to help with publicity of the group. This group meets in person on Saturdays from 11-1pm in Daegu geared towards people who want a safe, free space and opportunity to practice conversational Korean and then switch to conversational English. 
Please know that Junho wanted to prepare more for this impromptu interview but we (those of us who ate lunch after our language meeting today) thought it might be helpful to get more English speakers that I know to come and try it out if he would agree to be recorded. So basically we pressured him into saying ‘yes.’ I think he did a great job!! I hope you all enjoy meeting him! Thank you Junho!! We look forward to talking with you soon if you live in Daegu, South Korea!

I asked Junho how he came to create this group and how long it had been going. Here are some facts about this group that I’ve gathered after coming and participating since October 2018:

  • FB group created in January 2018
  • First meeting was back in April 2018
  • Initially, Junho wanted it to be a small group but now the FB group has grown to 90+ members
  • Estimate that 10 people actually come each week; many are “regulars”
  • Friendships are formed when meeting regularly
  • participation and attendance helps Junho (and myself too!) continue to practice
  • English speakers aren’t just Americans (like myself) but from all over the world for different reasons; they may know several languages
  • Many Korean speakers desire practice of forming sentences and sounding more natural in their English speaking conversations
  • All of the Korean speakers that I have met through this group want to help you to learn their language
  • The Korean speakers have a variety of professions in a variety of fields…one common goal: to improve their English as a personal hobby or for work reasons

I hope you will check out the “Let’s Be Fluent In Daegu (Korean and English)” group today on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1921495314845186/ . We would appreciate it if you could pass on this information to anyone that may be interested in joining us! We’d love to have you!

Thank you.

I’m not the best at Korean, but I’m getting there and having fun doing it thanks to the regulars who come to the “Let’s Be Fluent in Daegu (Korean and English)” group! Thank you!

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