Hiking Mount Apsan reflections: 1. slow down 2. share your difficulties too

Not sure if it was the length of time we spent hiking or just that it was our first time here but I had a few thoughts strike me as I was journeying along. Most of the time my family was waaay ahead of me because somebody had to stop every few moments capturing everything.

“Why can’t you just enjoy being here? Why do you have to take a picture of every single thing?”

“Because it’s just what I like to do. I like taking photos!”

(Sigh… some people just do not get it! ***eye roll***)

Well snapping pictures of everything – or not – is an ongoing struggle here. I’m not sure if you can relate. But anyway, as I was rushing to catch up on our descent from Mount Apsan, I knew I had taken an extraordinary amount of time, this time, and they really did leave me. They practically ran down the rock stairs and as I was struggling to catch up without twisting my ankle – somebody is not in their twenties any more people – I thought maybe I’d record the journey down.

What made me want to record this anyway? Well as we reached the peak of Mount Apsan a bit earlier, I had another thought. In fact I went FB live to show dear friends from the US what we were seeing. So I recorded a view of the temple (It was in the wee early hours of the am at this time) here. Isn’t it remarkable???


And then I went FB Live again and shared the view from the almost near top. It was a wow sight to see Daegu city filled with buildings on one side and then green tree covered mountains on the other.

20181008_134838 marked20181008_143152

Before we made it from this beautiful Daegu city, South Korea, view we quickly climbed up many, many stairs to reach the very top. I thought as I was trekking along, “Wait a minute…. so I just went FB live to share that beautiful city view but I’m not recording this (struggling along up the rocky paths – basically the truth of what it takes to get to our destination)”. Hmmm… Why is that we (or I) tend to not share so much about the in-between times? After all, it’s all of this hard in-between, monotonous, sometimes difficult, sometimes messy and usually unknown part of our journey that is so necessary to both GET TO and then to REALLY APPRECIATE the other (Pinterest and Instagram worthy) times.  I hope no one is fooled into thinking life is only the beautiful things. I hope no one believes that when they inevitably hit the in-between times that something is wrong and but instead they lean in and press forward 20181008_150643

understanding that it’s just a part of the destination package.  I tell you -the in-between times are what helps me more fully appreciate the beauty in wherever and however I end up.

So, as my family began recharging with water and snacks,

I thought, you know what? I should share this. It’s only right. The full truth, if you will. So here it is…. my thoughts on “Share Your Difficulties too.” You never know, what you share may help someone else feeling stuck on their rocky path perhaps questioning if this is all that there is? I know I was there before.

So… I hope you were able to check out my reflections from our first walk up Apsan Mountain. I have a lot of these thoughts. If you like hearing them, let me know and I can share more.  Also, now that I’ve watched this video, I now notice what my daughter was doing in the background……… and that makes me smile. I will make sure to give her a hug today and my full attention as she will be home in about 40 minutes.

Take care ya’ll!


2 thoughts on “Hiking Mount Apsan reflections: 1. slow down 2. share your difficulties too

  1. Share more of your struggles…🤔…my first response was “NO!” …people judge the heck outta what they THINK they know about your journey..the “pretty” times…I can take that (and I do..regularly)…but what I cannot take is that same junk when I’m going through something and trying to get through it. Don’t get me wrong…I don’t lie about my situation and I don’t try to mask/hide it…if I think it will help someone then I share more deeply …but mostly it all just turns to gossip 🤷‍♀️… I think that is a fear that everyone has…stemming from school days when rumors where life or death…maybe…idk…I’m not a people person and I’m capable of standing in my disaster zone and owning it …but I find that most people are the opposite…they LOVE people and would rather not claim ownership of their “issues” …so while I’m still not gonna do it…the “no” is much softer in my head and less aggressive…it’s a “no” with compassion…

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