Hiking Mount Apsan Adventures: Unidentified Creature #1 (spotted lanternfly)

I spotted this animal as I was trying to catch back up to my family. They are constantly leaving me because I stop to “take some photos.” I mean don’t you want to document and remember all these new sights???? I know I do! I have no idea what this little one is but if you do, please let me know! If you know our family at all you would know my son is pretty good at spotting animals. This time I was the one who found this interesting and colorful insect. ME.  😉 Allow me to just revel in that a bit…. ahhh. I’m good! Okay, so this little one looks like some kind of bug to me although a passerby said she thought it might be a butterfly. But…I don’t think so. This was found on Mount Apsan in Daegu, South Korea.

By the way, just in case you didn’t notice let me go ahead and confess my Korean is limited. In the video you might have heard me saying, 이 름 pronounced “ee-rum” which means “name”. (One day I will converse in complete sentences!! Just you wait and see! I know how to say ‘What is your name’ but not ‘What is this animal’s name.’ And since I didn’t know that- I freaked out and just said “name.” HAHAHA!)


Thank you to Charli who sent me this link sharing that this is a Spotted Lanternfly or White Cicada from China. I kept looking around though because I didn’t see any that were colored like this one and came across this site. I wonder how they got to the US and became an invasive species there? I’ll ask “What’s that Bug” and see what they say!

4 thoughts on “Hiking Mount Apsan Adventures: Unidentified Creature #1 (spotted lanternfly)

  1. “Name” seems acceptable…it’s how toddlers communicate as they learn. ..you’re a toddler in the language 👌…whatever it is..it’s pretty …I wonder if it’s poisonous ☠️ ??

    1. I guess no one knows that I’ve studied Korean in a language school full time for 18 months unless I tell them huh? It was many years ago and it’s true the saying, “use it or lose it.” Someone on FB told me what it was….I’ll have to update the post when I get back to the room. 🙂

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