It’s not easy starting over after a move

Well, it’s the second day alone in this hotel room. This is our fourth hotel since the move; two in Virginia and two in South Korea. The kids went off to their new school again today and it’s been an adjustment for me. Yesterday when they left, I spent a lot of time blogging. Oh, and also avoiding this crazy lady who called my cell and then the room nonstop. Yikes!!! (Maybe I’ll share about that later when I talk about looking for an apartment in South Korea.)  I really need to be continuing to look for our permanent home but this week is Chuseok and a lot of rental agencies are still closed. So, here I am alone.

moving fb comment edited
I ran across this comment the other day and especially the beginning really captures the pains of moving!

I know you’re probably wondering what’s the big deal? So the kids are in school and the husband is at work? So what? Well… for me this is a new change. I’ve been homeschooling the kids for 3 years straight. Before that I was working, well, interning to complete the requirements for my master’s in clinical mental health counseling degree. And then before that, I homeschooled them well when we just started our homeschooling journey! (It is on my list to blog about each of these… some are already done just need editing.)

It is weird for me to be here with “nothing to do.” I am a do-er. I do stuff. I maybe “over do” some stuff and cram my schedule full of things to do. Typically it is full of jobs that do not pay. I call myself sometimes a “professional volunteer.” My husband refers to me to others as someone who works hard, “She works harder than me! But, she doesn’t get paid for any of it!” 

I don’t know if you can hear the undertones of that comment, but I can. It’s time for me to look for work. Or something productive to do. What do to? What to do? So many thoughts have been swirling through my mind these past few days.

In the meantime, I need to go because I’m heading off to PWOC. I wrote a blog about “What is PWOC?” from when I was in Fort Lee’s PWOC. I’ve been to several but today, in a few moments actually, it will be my first time at THIS one. (It is really good that a great way to connect in a new duty station is to attend PWOC in my new location! Try it! Find one nearest you.)

Sigh… If I think too much about that feeling that you get when you first walk into a new place where everyone else seems to know one another and you don’t know a soul- I will conveniently find something else to do. Like maybe continue to edit these unfinished blogs that “need” to get done. But, I am determined, well- in a way. I know that there is no way that this new place will feel like home if I don’t get connected. So, here I go!

I hope I don’t scare too many folks off with my wild and “persistent / passionate” personality! HAHA. That tends to only come out after I get to know YOU first. I’ll try not to take too long opening up though. I’m in military land now. It doesn’t take long to get to know folks… we are all used to moving away just when civilian folks are starting to warm up to one another. 😉 (That’s a playful dig at my civilian friends out there. You know who you are!) I don’t want to meet great friends right when I’m about to move to the next place so I should get started now.

Oh, look at the time!! They start in 10 minutes and I have no vehicle yet! I’ll need to walk down to the chapel and probably arrive late!

Well, here goes nothing! 

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