DODEA Daegu Middle High School & Daegu Elementary School sample schedules

Curious about what the school schedules are like here in the DoDEA (Department of Defense Education Activity) Daegu Middle High School (Daegu MHS) and/ or the Daegu Elementary School (DES)? Well you’ve come to the right place for a quick snapshot of my children’s schedule. I think this would have been helpful for me when looking from the States trying to get information about what our life was going to be like as we prepared for our whirlwind move from Virginia to South Korea.

I have two children who just started school here in Area IV, Daegu, South Korea.  Read about their first day here and the basics of enrolling in schools here. Remember, after you register, you can request a meeting with the school counselor(s) to have a sit-down to answer any questions that you may have. We did and I’m excited about their future here.

New students

Both schools are used to getting new students throughout the year with the busiest times being at the start of school and also during the Christmas/New Year’s time. The Daegu MHS partners new students with a buddy for the first few days so that they “won’t eat lunch alone.” Also, they try to have someone who has a similar schedule and all who participate volunteered to be a buddy. I found this reassuring for my son; he was indifferent during the school tour and meeting of the teachers. (I know he has a bit of anxiety in going to a new school 3 weeks late.)

School Transportation

There are school buses that transport children to and from school. Check with the School Transportation officer located for both schools in the Daegu Elementary School, in Camp George to see where the nearest stop is to you. You will need to go there in person with your orders, lease (or if still in lodging, you can just say that you are there) and your children as their photos will need to be taken. This is their website here. A card will be printed out that will have their photo, bus route name, location and times for pick up & drop off.

Keeping track of grades and progress

DoDEA schools use Grade Speed to connect parents and students in grades 4-12 to their teaching staff. You will be able to access their grades, attendance, calendars and other information. You WILL need your students’ (DoDEA) Student ID# (a 10 digit number) from the registrar in order to add your children.

Daegu Middle High School

  • Located on Camp Walker, Daegu, South Korea
  • Currently, all the middle schoolers are on the top floor while the high schooler’s classes are on the bottom floors.
  • School hours are from 8:30 am – 3 pm. EXCEPT for Tuesdays, school is released at 2 pm.
  • Operates on a block schedule. Each period is 85 minutes long with a 5 min pass through period to get to the next class. (1.5 hours)
  • There are “A” days and “B” days.
  • This is the schedule for my 6th grader:

“A” days:



Social Studies

Art* (Elective. He could have instead done Beginner Band or Strings. PE was full.)

“B” days:



Computer / Video production* (Elective. PE was full. He could have done Beginner Band or Strings)

Advisory/ Study Hall/ “Project based learning”

  • Lunch

Lunch time falls in the middle of the 3rd period. For middle schoolers it is at noon.  Or on Tuesday’s, lunch is after the shortened 3rd period, because all periods are shortened due to the 1 hour early release.

Read information about how to enroll for school, lunch and school transportation here.

Don’t forget to check Daegu Middle / High School’s official website and Facebook page for additional information and public updates.

Daegu Elementary School

  • Located on Camp George, Daegu, South Korea
  • School hours are from 7:30 am – 2 pm. EXCEPT for Tuesdays, they are released at 12:50 pm.
  • All children will have a Spanish class and a Host Nation class (for us it is Korea). So they will get to learn 2 additional languages (and cultures) while attending school here in Daegu!
  • There are 4 classes that rotate every 4 days during her first hour : Spanish, Host Nation (Korean), Physical Education (PE) or Art/Music (She was excited about practicing the ukulele!).
  • For my 5th grader, lunch is at 10:15. The other grades start lunch later- see the lunch schedule here:
Daegu Elementary School (DES) lunch schedule

Read information about how to enroll for school, lunch and school transportation here.

DES_18-19 Calendar_v2-page-001

Don’t forget to check the Daegu Elementary School’s official website and Facebook page for additional information and public updates.

Stay tuned!

If you are here because of a military move to South Korea, check back later as I am editing a blog post on “Moving to South Korea – things to know for military families” that I hope would be useful especially for those just moving here as we are. *** This is not “official information” just sharing of our experiences. Please check out the links provided and do your own research! *** I hope you find this useful and helpful; let me know your thoughts!

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    1. Thank you I’m glad it was helpful. What grade will your children be going to? I am thinking to make another blog post about the course selections. I’ve been busy lately with VBS but after that is done I hope to get back to blogging. Anything you’d like to know? Maybe it might help prioritize my next posts! Welcome to Daegu!!

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