Staying at Ramada Pyeongtaek?

Here’s a quick look in our room, 11122, located on the 11th floor of the 라마다평택호텔 Ramada Pyeongtaek located at 3-24 평택항로184번길, Poseung-eup, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do in South Korea. In the short video below I provide a really brief look at what you can expect when staying here. We are a family of four; we brought 2 bags each on the flight from the United States plus one carry-on bag. There is no storage area so all of our bags are lined up against the wall.

There are 2 English speaking channels available.

The beds are comfortable, but there were only 3 pillows so one of us slept on the cat.

There is a hot water kettle; that was nice because we ate ramean for either breakfast or dinner as we got used to the time zone differences while saving money. There is NO microwave in the room, but there is a small fridge and housekeeping does put 2 bottles of water in there each day. Yay!


You will need an adapter to plug in your 110-220v plugs from the States. You can get one from the hotel with a 5k won deposit at the front desk. We had our own we brought with us from our time living in Germany.

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Be SURE your device will take 220V before plugging it in!

There is free access to the (3) washers and (3) dryers on the 3rd floor. This is great! It just takes a bit to figure it out (see blog post on a useful app) although they do have a diagram with basic instructions in English posted which is good.

There is also free internet all throughout the building, a lifesaver for me. This was because my phone, which was on a CDMA network, had zero signal no matter where I went!!! Can you imagine a world without a phone??? No internet! **gasp** (My husband’s, on the GMA network, did have a signal and was able to receive texts and calls. Well, I’m thankful at least one of us could connect to the world!)


They do not offer dinner service here but there is a breakfast buffet offered. Meals are 11k won for adults and 7500 won for kids. You pay for this where you checked in and you will receive a ticket to take to the restaurant on a different floor. The breakfast buffet hours are from the same each day: 7:30am-9am.

I did notice that in the 2 elevators these new maps were placed during our 8 night stay here for their English speaking guests. That was really thoughtful! There are places to eat within walking distance and some are pretty yummy! You can pay with Won or using your bank card. Let me know if you’re interested and I can share some of our favorites in a different post.

How to use the sink!!

Stay tuned!

If you are here because of a military move to South Korea, check back later as I am editing a blog post on “Moving to South Korea – things to know for military families” that I hope would be useful especially for those just moving here as we are. Be sure to check this out and let me know what you think! Thank you!

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